Discover The Hilarity Of Cats & Dogs In These 21 Funny Social Media Posts

If you share your home with a fur child, then you know there’s nothing you can hide from snooping dog noses or curious kitty paws. Trying to hide snacks? You might as well give up the subterfuge because the kits and pups will bust the snacky secret wide open. Going for a walk? Forget trying to slip outside without the dog. And if you think you’re going to keep a cat out of something by hiding it away, go ahead and save yourself some trouble. Your cat will find the object and most likely make a bed out of it.

Long story short, your cats and dogs know the house better than you do, so make life simple and live in the open!

This well-known nosiness has us inspired as we scroll our favorite feeds and timelines this week. We’ve searched out the funniest and cutest posts about cats and dogs shared on social media. Enjoy, but remember, your furry bestie will probably want to investigate what’s got you laughing so hard!

Searched & Found: 21 Cute and Funny Posts About The Nosy-Rosies of the Family

#1 – Just found the TikTok of infinite cuteness…

@goretusya😾🧡♬ оригинальный звук – хэппи ню э

#2 – Seriously, doggos do know better, but they go on and do anyway.

#3 – Don’t forget to wash your paws!

#4 – Well, we’ve uncovered both horror and humor here.

#5 – Boggled by the wideness of chonk

#6 – Let’s just everybody settle down now…

#7 – When you become the chosen one…

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A post shared by Meowingtons (@meowingtonsco)

#8 – How vewy scawy!

#9 – Sound on, or you’ll suffer the bite of the lion, the clenching jaws of the alligator!

@grizlly23##tiktokcat##catsoftiktok##cat##funnycat##animals##lovecats♬ original sound – Lorena Pages

#10 – Suspiciously and adorably alike

#11 – Kitties have been sneaky fiends from the start of civilization…

#12 – Which one are you?

@hrhopkinThere are two types of dogs in this world. #uwtm #physicaltherapy #vetmed #dogtok #caninerehab #rehab #PT #derbydog #ccrp #blacklab #fieldtrial♬ original sound – Matthew Rincon

#13 – Be ready for what you might uncover if you decide to investigate feline activities.

#14 – The plan for Corgi domination has been unveiled!

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A post shared by Greg D (@highfiveexpert)

#15 – Chaos mode activated…

#16 – The secret to happy living has been revealed.

#17 – The most remarkable discovery ever.

#18 – No dinner plate is safe from grubbing puppers!

#19 – This should be the standard of feline measurement!

#20 – Indeed.

#21 – As cats already possess the wisdom of the ages, they often delight in telling us where we’ve gone wrong…

@goldenretrieversmilerDear diary…#goldenretriever #catsoftiktok #dogsofttiktok #fyp #friendship #sweet #dogs #goldenretrieverlife♬ original sound – SmileGoldenRetriever

There’s always more greatness to be sought out when it comes to our fur kids and social media. So, if you need more laughs and cuteness, check out these 23 Cute & Funny Posts That Describe The Wonder Of Cats & Dogs!

Feature Image: @fallingcatcult/Twitter & @mydogsplanet/Instagram

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