Dog Becomes Professional Volleyball Player During Quarantine

The COVID-19 quarantine is the perfect time for people to stay at home and learn new skills. Many people have picked up on new hobbies or talents. However, it turns out that dogs are trying to get something out of this free time too. At least, Kiara the Lab mix is excited to work on her new talent.

There are many dogs out there with incredible tricks to show, but Kiara goes above and beyond traditional dog talents. That’s because Kiara decided to learn how to play volleyball during this pandemic. She even serves as the perfect partner in a game of four-person volleyball.

Mastering the Sport

With no sports to watch at the moment, many people are unsure of what to do with their time. However, a small game of volleyball never hurt anyone. Mathias Berntsen, a member of the Norwegian team called the Beachvolley Vikings, decided to practice his skills in the backyard with two other people. But playing with an odd number just didn’t seem fair.

Image: @kiarathevolleydog/Instagram

So, the three of them recruited the only other member they could find: Kiara. Kiara loved to play games and learn new things, so it was worth a shot.

First, they had to teach Kiara how and when to hit the ball. They did this by passing the ball back and forth to each other with Kiara in the middle, occasionally hitting it directly toward Kiara. Sure enough, Kiara quickly picked up on when she was supposed to hit the ball and when she should let her partner hit it.

You can see Kiara’s practice session here:

The Big Game

Once Kiara got a good grasp on how to play, it was time to put her to the test. The three human players got together for a serious game of volleyball, and Kiara happily joined Berntsen’s team. Most dogs would probably just run around and do their own thing during a sports game, but Kiara was in it to win it!

Image: @kiarathevolleydog/Instagram

The Beachvolley Vikings posted a video of the game on their Instagram. In the video, Kiara is being the perfect volleyball partner. It’s clear that she actually knows the game, and she only hits the ball when it comes to her.

In the end, Kiara gets a bit distracted and hits the ball in the wrong direction. While it cost her team the game, they still had a great time playing. Plus, Kiara actually plays volleyball much better than most humans do. Maybe when this quarantine is over, she’ll get a chance to become a real member of the team if the rules allow it.

Watch Kiara’s game here:

Featured Image: @kiarathevolleydog/Instagram

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