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Dog Biscuits For Ukraine: 9-Year-Old Bakes Tasty Treats For Children In Need

| Published on May 4, 2022

A nine-year-old boy in Pike County, Pennsylvania, is making a pawsitive difference in his community by putting his bark-worthy baking skills to the test.

Young dog lover Owyn Bills has decided, with the help of his family, friends, and neighbors, to sell homemade dog treats in an effort to raise money to support children in Ukraine who have been gravely affected by recent global events.

“Dog biscuits are being used as more than just a reward for man’s best friend in Pike County.” – BRC 13 News

Screenshot, BRC 13

The ongoing war in Ukraine has brought complete and utter devastation to the country’s forty-four million citizens, including the seven million children who call Ukraine home. Every day, young, innocent children are being wounded, killed, orphaned, and deeply traumatized by the violence surrounding them. And what’s more, the war in Ukraine has had a devastating impact on the country’s many beloved canine and feline companions.

To date, over five million refugees have evacuated to surrounding countries in search of safety. More than half of them are children. Young Owyn hopes that, in some small way, his contributions will help give them the support that they need to survive. The donation money that has been collected so far will go to providing shelter, clothing, and food to young Ukrainians in need.

Screenshot, BRC 13

Bills’ homemade dog treats are made with all-natural, pet-safe ingredients, including organic pumpkin and sweet potatoes, whole oats, cinnamon, xylitol-free peanut butter, and whole wheat flour.

These cookies, sold in two-treat bundles, are being sold for two dollars per package, with all proceeds going directly to Saint Vladimir Ukrainian Church in Scranton, PA. 

Screenshot, BRC 13

And, according to staff members at Grandma Goldsack’s Bakery and Coffee Lounge in Lord’s Valley, the treats are selling like hotcakes. So far, Owyn’s doggy biscuits have raised over $400 for Ukrainian children, and he has no plans to stop now.

According to local Pike County news outlet, BRC 13, Bills hopes to expand into many more local businesses in the near future and raise even more money for children in need. The treat-making process can be time-consuming, but Owyn doesn’t seem to mind the hard work. When asked how long it takes to make each batch of delicious cookies, Bills replied:

“One batch is like a couple minutes but if you make like a lot, it takes about four hours maybe.” – Owyn Bills

Check out Owyn’s interview:



Keep up the good work, kid! We think you are PAWSOME.

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