Dog Daycare Stays Open For First Responders’ Animals

As more people work from home and avoid travel, business for doggie daycares has gone way down. The Grateful Dog, a boarding facility in San Francisco is still doing some business, but exclusively for essential workers and first responders’ animals. They’re fighting to stay open as small businesses worldwide suffer the effects of a pandemic. But this fight, The Grateful Dog feels, pales in comparison to that of the workers on the front lines.

As of this post, San Francisco has at least 622 confirmed cases of COVID-19. The commitment of those working hard every day to help others is surely worth supporting. Owner Karla Rivera told KRON 4 that even though times are tough financially, the daycare wants to do its part to help those helping us.

“We had to go into personal savings because we are in the red and we go day by day by the moment. We are literally just open for people who are out there working essential business who need a place to keep their dogs.


Their efforts to remain open also benefit dogs of course. General manager Ernie Cervantes pointed out that dogs still crave their playtime with other dogs now. Without any knowledge of the virus, our pups still want to spend their days wrestling and running around with pals.

“We feel we have to do our part. Plus, the pets still want to play all day. Dogs need dogs like people need people, so we are here for them too.”

Arya, a law enforcement officer’s dog, is just one pup who’s still able to attend daycare at TGD. She looks thankful too!


Overnight boarding at The Grateful Dog is by special appointment only. You can contact them directly if you’re local and in need! Learn more about the daycare and whether its right for your dog (or vice versa) on their website.

These days, it’s the community that’s grateful for The Grateful Dog. Other animal care experts, including Facebook commenter Cathy Scott, emphasized how many people still need essential help right now.

“I’m a pro dog walker working for my essential worker clients too. With those folks not having family to care for their pets we also keep going!! Kudos to all the veterinarians out there that are also staying open!!” -Cathy Scott via Facebook

For those of you who don’t need your regular walkers or dog sitters, consider donating to the facilities and caregivers you’d normally use!

Featured Image: @thegratefuldogsf/Instagram

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