Dog Daycare Stays Open For First Responders’ Animals

As more people work from home and avoid travel, business for doggie daycares has gone way down. The Grateful Dog, a boarding facility in San Francisco is still doing some business, but exclusively for essential workers and first responders’ animals. They’re fighting to stay open as small businesses worldwide suffer the effects of a pandemic. But this fight, The Grateful Dog feels, pales in comparison to that of the workers on the front lines. As of this post, San Francisco … Read more

10 Things We Should Do For Our Dogs That They Can’t Do For Themselves

Dogs can learn to perform incredible tasks. Some safeguard our very lives by detecting explosives or alerting us to dangers in the home. But there are certain things our pups just cannot do without our help. When it comes to health and safety, they depend on us to make the best decisions on their behalf. Every pawrent should do the following 10 things for their dogs’ wellbeing because they do so much for us! 1. Watch their waistlines. Dogs cannot … Read more

How To Help Keep Your Dog Calm In Public

Dog trainers hear it all the time: “My dog is great at home, but as soon as we get around other people/pets, his manners go out the window!” Keeping a dog calm and attentive in public goes against their natural instincts to explore and interact with their surroundings. Disruptive dogs can become well-mannered members of polite society, but it takes lots of practice and plenty of patience on the part of the owner. Why do some dogs act unruly in … Read more

Why Are Some Pups Drawn To People Who Don’t Like Dogs?

I have been a card-carrying dog person for as long as I can remember, and if you are a follower of iHeartDogs, I’m sure you are, too! With millions of us out there just waiting to shower them with love and affection, why is it that some dogs gravitate to people who do not care for canines? For some dogs, the desire to seek out a paticular person may be related to their level of socialization. If they are raised … Read more

Australian Website Unites Dog Lovers With Pups — For Free!

Is your pooch looking to expand his social circle? Maybe find a furry friend who enjoys tennis balls and long walks on the beach? Or perhaps you are unable to have a dog of your own and are searching for some canine companionship? If you love dogs and live in Australia, may be the perfect social site for you. The goal is to meet local dog lovers like yourself and discover how you can help one another. Here’s how … Read more

Here’s How To Socialize Your Adult Rescue Dog

Behaviorists say the most crucial time for socialization in a dog’s life is between three weeks and four months old. That’s when puppies develop their personalities, and they’re most likely to adapt to certain skills and behaviors. But what happens when a puppy is born a stray or grows up in a less-than-ideal environment? Some of the dogs that end up in shelters never have the chance at socialization. They can grow to be fearful, timid, and wary of new … Read more

10 Things You Must Expose Your New Puppy To NOW

Adding a puppy to your family is a big responsibility. It is imperitive to prepare your new addition to face the world by exposing him or her to multiple stimuli. Just as exposure to vaccines builds a strong immune system, subjecting young dogs to new people, places, sounds and scenarios builds confidence and drastically reduces their chances of developing fear and aggression later in life. Fear is the root cause for some of the most difficult canine behavior problems such … Read more

5 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Socializing Your Dog

Socialization is a key part of raising a happy and well-mannered canine citizen. From the time they’re puppies all the way through old age, dogs are continuously learning about the world around them. Without proper socialization, dogs can be unnecessarily stressed or fearful, and they need social interaction for both mental enrichment and physical exercise. Socializing your pup can be as simple as taking them on regular walks and introducing them to other dogs, but there’s also a wrong way … Read more

5 Tips For Raising A Friendly Dog

The first few months your new puppy or rescue dog spends in your home will set the tone for your life together. It is important to establish rules and provide plenty of socialization during this time. Although the following 5 steps can help you raise a well-rounded, friendly pooch, some dogs require more training than others. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a trainer or behaviorist for help!   1. Do not take a dog from its mother and … Read more

11 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Shortening Your Dog’s Life

Having a dog is a big responsibility. They depend on you to make the best decisions for them on everything from what they eat to how their hair is cut. Although every loving dog parent has the best intentions at heart, certain choices that seem simple and harmless may actually result in fewer years with your furry friend. 1. Skipping Annual Vet Visits Some people feel that it’s a waste of time and money to take their dogs to the vet … Read more