Dog Found Dying On Roadside Gets Visit From Local Four-Legged Celebrity

Just last year, a kind citizen dropping off donations saw what they thought was a deceased dog dropped at the door of the Kentucky Humane Society. To their surprise, the skin-and-bones creature was alive. Not only was he alive, but he was ready and willing to fight against all odds.

The miracle dog (and now local celebrity), named Ethan, spent months recovering at the Humane Society in Louisville, Kentucky. They believe he had been locked in a crate for weeks without food or water. Despite the unspeakable traumas he experienced, Ethan never lost his lovable spirit. 

Another Dog Is Clinging To Life At KHS

Sadly, Ethan wouldn’t be the last dog to find his way to the Kentucky Humane Society inches from death. Just recently, an Uber driver saw a dog lying completely limp on the side of the road. They pulled over to investigate and saw a scruffy little dog matted with feces, emaciated, and covered in pressure sores. His condition was so poor that he had maggots crawling all over his body as he clung to life.


He made it to the Kentucky Humane Society just in the nick of time. It was there that he was given his new name: Travolta. Little Travolta has the kindest eyes you’ve ever seen and beautifully scruffy strawberry blonde hair that you can’t help but want to run through your fingers. Travolta has been receiving round-the-clock care. He has gained enough strength to lift himself up to eat, and he’s slowly packing on the pounds.


We All Need Someone To Look Up To – Even Travolta

The staff at the Humane Society thought that Travolta may need a little inspiration for his road to recovery. Who better to look up to than Ethan himself?!


That’s right. KHS alum Ethan and his furever family have been making special visits to show Travolta what he has to look forward to. The dog duo continues to beat the odds and inspire people around the nation. 


A Ladies’ Man Just Like His Namesake

Travolta is still very weak and requires frequent naps throughout the day, but that doesn’t stop him from posing for the camera. He’s won the hearts of everyone who has heard his story, but there’s one heart in particular that he has seemed to capture.


Dr. Brewley works at KHS, and when she has a few minutes between surgeries, she heads over to Travolta’s fluffy bed and sneaks in some belly rubs. Travolta even got to spend the weekend at Dr. Brewley’s house, where he slept in her comfy bed and soaked up all the snuggles he could get.


Little Travolta isn’t entirely out of the woods yet, but he’s doing the best he can at stayin’ alive and living up to his name.


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