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Dog Gets On Snow-Covered Trampoline With His Human & His Reaction Is Hilarious

Texas has been experiencing some unusual weather this year. First, a parade of hurricanes in the early fall, and now, abnormally low temperatures that have brought snow and ice three times in one season! This may not seem like a big deal in other locations, but South Texas might see actual snow once every ten years or so!

People in South Texas aren’t known to handle the cold very well – the city of Houston shut down schools and businesses the moment the weather advisory was announced the night before, while the temperatures were still in the mid-sixties. Texas dogs, however, have taken every curveball the weather has thrown their way totally in stride! Remember this guy?

In a video taken in Porter, Texas, we see just what dogs think of all this strange weather. This dog has probably never seen ice outdoors before, but he’s eager to get a piece of it before his friend jumps it all away! No matter how much slipping and sliding he does, he gets right back up!

That dog looks like he’s having the time of his life, making his family laugh while he does! The highways, schools and stores may have shut down, but we can count on our dogs to make the best out of any situation!

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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