Dog Has Important Message During COVID Pandemic

Everyone has their concerns during the coronavirus scare, but no one knows the situation better than Pluto. Pluto is a little dog that recently took over the internet with her smart and adorable advice.

Nancie Wight, Pluto’s mom, posted a silly video of Pluto talking about her thoughts on the coronavirus, but from a dog’s perspective. Wight never expected Pluto to be such a huge hit, but now the little dog is famous all over social media. Plus, her advice is very beneficial to people all over the world.

Image: @PlutoLiving/Facebook

Pluto’s Important Message

In Pluto’s first video, she decides to talk about the crisis that humans seem to be facing. She noticed that many humans seem bored and unsure of what to do while they’re stuck at home. So, this smart pup decided to share her advice with the world. Plus, she talks in an adorable chipmunk-like voice.

“We curl up and we wander around. We play with the tennis ball, and there’s lots that you can do,” said Pluto.

Image: Screenshot, @PlutoLiving/Facebook

First of all, Pluto does not understand what the toilet paper crisis is all about. She points out that dogs don’t even need toilet paper. Sure, cats like to play with it, but she explains how dogs are just fine going to the bathroom without it. Maybe humans could learn a thing or two.

Pluto is also very aware of the snack shortage at grocery stores, but she has a flawless solution for that too. She lets humans in on the secret of where she finds the best snacks throughout the day. If you live near a school, then you’re in luck because there are lots of snacks around there!

Pluto’s video has brought joy to so many people during this difficult time. Many people have left comments saying how Pluto made their day. A good laugh is often the best way to get through the hard moments in life.

Image: Screenshot, @PlutoLiving/Facebook

Pluto’s Rise to Fame

Since it was posted, Pluto’s video got over 3 million views! So, Wight decided to make a Facebook page for Pluto. Now, Pluto continues to share more silly videos to brighten people’s spirits during this time of uncertainty.

Wight said that the little dog is actually a senior at about 13 ½ years old. She’s mostly blind and deaf, but she’s still very happy and full of life. Plus, she definitely has common sense and knows how to give good advice.

Image: @PlutoLiving/Facebook

To get Pluto’s mouth to move, her mom just uses an app. However, it really does look like Pluto is talking in the videos. 

“I think Pluto has struck the balance between a little bit of humor and some good practical sense,” said Wight. “A lot of the comments and the private messages were just ‘this was the best thing that happened to me this week. I really needed to just have a good laugh.’”

Pluto will continue to post videos throughout this quarantine to help spread some positivity and humor. You can follow her on Facebook or Instagram. Wight says that a YouTube channel is in the works too.

You can watch Pluto’s first video here:

Featured Image: Screenshots, @PlutoLiving/Facebook

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