Dog Howled For Days In The Parking Lot Where She Was Abandoned By Her Owner

In Tennessee, a dog howled for days in the parking lot where she was abandoned by her owners.

The dog now named Crooner (previously named Samantha), was found howling at the parking lot of a Sam’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee. According to article by The Dodo, Crooner was dropped off in the parking lot, then her owner drove away and never came back.

This poor dog seemed to be waiting for her owner to come back. So for days, she stayed in that parking lot, howling.

Kimberly Slown of Arrow Dog Rescue posted this video of Crooner howling at the parking lot.

This girl was dumped 9 days ago at Sam’s Club. Mary Murphy sat for 3 ½ days with her to gain her trust and now Crooner is safe, but needs a temp foster for about 7 days in the Memphis area. She is very scared, and skittish, and needs to be somewhere quiet with someone with a little experience with this type of dog. We will be arranging transport to bring her to Arrow Dog Rescue-Animal Rescue Revolution on Wheels. Can anyone help our sweet girl?

Posted by Kimberley Slown on Friday, December 11, 2015

Thankfully, rescuers came to save this poor abandoned dog. Sunny Meadows Rescue and Arrow Dog Rescue, came to save Crooner. Mary Murphy of Arrow Dog Rescue, sat in the parking lot for 3 1/2 days to gain Crooner’s trust.

Then with the help of Jeff Guy, owner of Memphis Auto Market, Mary was able to put a leash on Crooner and got him out of the parking lot.

Source: Arrow Dog Rescue via The Dodo
Source: Arrow Dog Rescue via The Dodo

Samantha was then brought to Arrow Dog Rescue. She was checked by the vet, and according to Kimberly, the worst thing she has are hookworms.

A few days later, Crooner found a foster home in Illinois.

Guess who is settling in?

Posted by Kimberley Slown on Thursday, December 17, 2015

Crooner is safe and comfortable in her foster home, and we’re happy to know that she’s not crying anymore.

Isn’t this what Crooner/Samantha deserved all along?

Posted by Kimberley Slown on Thursday, December 17, 2015

We hope that Crooner will find a forever home and a loving family–one that wouldn’t abandon her.

For more updates on Crooner, visit Arrow Dog Rescue’s website and Facebook page.

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