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Dog Is Not Phased By The Roomba Attempting To Clean Him

I’ve been holding off on buying a Roomba.

Not because I enjoy pushing around a heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner or emptying out ten pounds of dog hair every other day.

I don’t have a Roomba because I’m pretty sure at least one of my three dogs would have an absolute meltdown over it.


The Chihuahua mix would probably break a tooth (or five) trying to attack it. The Poodle mix would be too terrified to move, and my Lab/Hound mix … well, she’d do pretty much what the pup in this video is doing!

Some dogs just take the easygoing approach to life no matter what you throw at them! Hey, come back evil-genius-robot! You missed a spot!

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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