Dog Offers Support To Baby Sister Learning To Walk

People who adopt dogs before they have human children often feel anxious about the siblings’ eventual meeting. A dog may be a little confused when a new baby joins the family, but they typically learn to accept the tiny human as a member of their pack.

Some parents, like Boston resident Allison Ackerman and her husband, get extra lucky. The family’s dogs, Mason and Breck, loved their first human child, Jordan, from the very start.


Ackerman told The Dodo:

“When I was pregnant, I think they knew what was going on. When we finally did bring her home, they put it all together.”


The dogs were excited to smell and observe the new baby. They were also gentle, loving, and supportive.

“We never thought they would take to her the way they did. From the start, they were by her side.”

Jordan’s parents know that neither Breck nor Mason would ever harm their new sibling, no matter how much she patted their faces or tugged on their ears. This is true pack love.

A Dog Trains A Baby

Mason, in particular, became especially close to tiny Jordan. The baby felt safe and comfortable around him, too, Ackerman said.

“He’s her safety blanket, if you will.”


When the baby attempted to take her first steps months later, Mason was there to support her in this milestone, literally.

“We knew it was any day now when she was just about to take her first steps. I look over and she’s leaning on him, standing up. He was like “Okay, I’m here for you.””

Mason stood patiently while the baby ran her tiny hands along his body, using him as a crutch. As Jordan took shaky step after shaky step, she broke into a big smile.

“When she finally got it, you could tell she was proud of herself. You could tell he was proud of her too.”


Watch the absolutely adorable video of Jordan’s first steps alongside her helper/brother Mason below:

You can also follow the family’s adventures on Ackerman’s Instagram or TikTok pages. Expect a real treat as these “best buddies grow together.”

“They’re certainly inseparable and they’re certainly best buddies,” Ackerman adds.


When you introduce them properly, there’s nothing cuter than a dog/baby friendship.

H/T: The Dodo
Featured Image: YouTube

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