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Dog Or Hooman? You Be The Judge


They say that dogs and their people start to resemble each other after a while, but this pup’s face just looks strikingly… human!

Yogi is an adorable pooch whose photo is making dog lovers scratch their heads. Sure he’s a breed mix, but does that include being part person?

Image Source: Chantal Desjardins


Actually, 1-year-old Yogi is a Shih-Poo (a Shih Tzu / Poodle mix) who was recently groomed. Perhaps it’s his stunning green eyes, his full pink pout, or his model-like bone structure that have people giving his picture a double-take.

Image Source: Chantal Desjardins


Mom Chantal Desjardins has an observation: she says he tends to look more “human” after getting a haircut! But aside from his dashing good looks, this pooch is just like any other dog. Desjardins told iHeartDogs:

“He’s a crazy puppy! Super cuddly and playful. He’ll army crawl to me and just plop on his back so he can get a belly rub.”

Image Source: Chantal Desjardins


In fact, in some pictures — especially when his hair is a little bit longer — Yogi looks like your regular, every day, cute and curly-haired pooch!

…or maybe a little like a Muppet.

Image Source: Chantal Desjardins


Yogi has an 8-year-old sister named Darla, a Shih Tzu who maintains her sassy attitude despite having a now-famous bother.

Image Source: Chantal Desjardins


And if you think Yogi looks a bit familiar, you may be recalling another Shih-Poo, named Tonik, whose photos went viral in 2013 for a similar reason.

Perhaps it’s his less-than-impressed, curl-lipped expression, or maybe it’s his bright irises that make him look human… but isn’t it strange that Tonik is also a cocoa-colored Shih-Poo like Yogi?

When he found internet fame, Tonik was up for adoption, but this handsome boy has since found a forever home.

We think all dogs are beautiful, but some have characteristics that are truly unique!

Image Source: Chantal Desjardins


Does your dog look like you… or any other human? Share a photo with us in the comments below!

Special thanks to Chantal Desjardins for letting us share Yogi’s story!

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Written by Karen Tietjen

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