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Dog Pushes His Human’s Wheelchair With His Head To Help Him Get Around

Dogs truly are very helpful creatures. They help us humans in various ways. Some dogs join the police force and help catch the bad guys, some dogs guide the blind, and other dogs are trained to help those who are paralyzed.

The dog in the video below was previously a service dog to an army veteran. His previous owner then gave him to a friend who needed him. His new human, Dong Hongliang, was left unable to walk after a car crash. Now his amazing dog has discovered a way to help him get around.

Watch the video below and see what he does!

Awww…what a helpful dog!

According to the video description on YouTube, Dong will tell his dog where he wants to go, and then the dog pushes his wheelchair to that direction. Pretty amazing, right?

You can read more of this story at BarkPost.

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