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Dog Tied To Pole After Owner Went To Prison Finds Help On Facebook


A South Carolina woman discovered a small dog tied to a pole and was surprised to see what he had with him. Blanca Anahi Cushman says her cousin found the dog in the parking lot of Muv Fitness in West Columbia, tied to a pole by his leash and left with two small bowls, a duffle bag and a piece of cardboard with an interesting note. In hasty writing it read: “Free pup. Name is Scooter. Owner went to jail today.”

Thankfully there was an entire community willing to help the poor pup. Scooter, as he’s now called, has been taken in by Southeastern Homeless Animals, a rescue organization. Cushman had reached out to Facebook asking what she and her cousin should do about poor Scooter while he was waiting outside. “My cousin just found this dog tied to a tree at the back of Muv Fitness West Columbia and we don’t know where to go from here…clearly the owner is a piece of garbage and left the dog here. It’s getting dark and I don’t want to leave him does anyone have any ideas please, i can’t keep the dog for the long term.”

Image source: Blanca Anahi Cushman | Facebook

The post was shared to a Lost and Found Pets page where the rescue operator saw it and picked up Scooter from the animal shelter Cushman and her sister had taken him to. Poor Scooter’s background is unknown outside of the sign and his belongings, but we’re very thankful Cushman and others were eager to ensure his safety. Hopefully he can find a loving forever home soon.

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