Dog Trainer Is Social Distancing In A Unicorn Suit

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is advised to stay home and practice social distancing. However, if you’re a dog parent, you can’t stay inside all the time. Dogs still need to go outside and get some fresh air, and that shouldn’t be avoided. 

So, a Florida woman came up with a brilliant idea to continue walking her dogs, Cooper and Onyx, outside. She dressed up in a silly inflatable unicorn suit to protect herself from the coronavirus, and now she’s gone viral because of it!

Image: Tiffany Roehr Facebook

Quarantining In Style

Dog trainer Tiffany Roehr has been self-quarantining since this pandemic began. As things seemed to get more serious, Roehr decided to add some positivity to the situation. She knew Cooper and Onyx still had to go for walks, so she found a way to stay safe and happy while going outside during the chaos. Even though she had to stay home, there was no reason she couldn’t have fun with it.

Roehr dressed up in her unicorn suit and began walking around the neighborhood that way. Her neighbors got a huge kick out of the situation, and someone even recorded her walking around. What’s even funnier is that Cooper and Onyx don’t seem phased at all by this silly scene.

“I wanted to have some fun since our state was under a safer at home order,” Roehr said. “So I got dressed up and took my dogs for a short walk.”

Took the dogs out for a walk this evening. #socialdistancing #socialdistancing2020 #unicornwalk #walkthedogs #mydogsrock #hazmatsuit

Posted by Tiffany Roehr on Monday, March 30, 2020

Matilda the Unicorn

Roehr just meant for this scene to be a lighthearted joke. She never intended to walk the dogs this way on a regular basis. However, her video soon went viral, and everyone demanded to see more of the unicorn.

After all the requests, Roehr did not disappoint. She gave her unicorn alter ego the name “Matilda”. Then, she posted more videos of Matilda doing silly things outside. She posted a video of Matilda training Onyx as well as a video of her kayaking.

Image: Screenshot, Tiffany Roehr Facebook

These videos have truly made this confusing time a lot more uplifting. Hopefully, Roehr will continue to post videos of Matilda to help brighten everyone’s days. In fact, Roehr isn’t the first person to find a creative new way to walk the dogs. Multiple other people have also been spotted wearing unicorn suits and even inflatable dinosaur suits too.

Maybe these silly costumes are the key to keeping ourselves safe while walking dogs. However, health professionals have pointed out that these suits don’t actually provide protection from the coronavirus, but at least they’re entertaining!

Even Matilda the Unicorn needs love! Remember, we are all in this together. #unicorn #unicorncostume #matilda #matildatheunicorn #onyxthebc #socialdistancing #corona2020 #everybodyneedssomelove #bordercollie #dogkisses #dogkissesarethebest #whereintheworldismatilda #adventuresofmatilda #matildasadventures

Posted by Tiffany Roehr on Friday, April 3, 2020

Featured Image: Screenshot, Tiffany Roehr Facebook

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