Dog Uses Her Long Snoot To Pickpocket Treats

Borzoi is a dog breed that’s easily recognized by a skinny body and long nose. And no dog has a longer snoot than a Borzoi named Tupelo. However, her distinguishing feature is for more than just looks.

Like all dogs, Tupelo has a love for treats and toys, but she’s not willing to do any tricks to get them. She has a better way to get these rewards. Silly Tupelo loves to use her long snout to pickpocket these items from her family members and even from strangers!

Image: @tupeytheborzoi/Instagram

Mastering the Technique

Even at a young age, Tupelo quickly learned how to pickpocket. When Tupelo was a puppy, her mom, Allison Cannarsa, always kept training treats in her jacket pocket. Of course, Tupelo quickly became very aware of where the treats were.

Image: Screenshot, @tupeytheborzoi/Instagram

When Tupelo went on walks with Cannarsa, she would constantly try to sneak some treats when her mom wasn’t looking. After all, her long snoot was the perfect way to quickly grab some snacks. However, Cannarsa soon learned from her mistakes and stopped keeping treats in her pocket.

As Tupelo grew up, she only got taller and smarter. Even if her own mom didn’t have treats in her pocket, she knew she could still find a way to get them. So, she began pickpocketing treats from other dog parents too. If she saw someone with a puppy, she knew that they likely had some tasty snacks with them.

Image: Screenshot, @tupeytheborzoi/Instagram

Queen of the Dog Park

Tupelo visits the dog park almost every day. It’s the perfect place for her to collect as many goodies as possible, and she has the perfect routine for it too. So, she quickly made a name for herself in no time. 

“She’ll flirt a bit and then start gesturing and investigating their pocket area with her very long snoot,” Cannarsa said. “Unfortunately, she’s the perfect height to have her snoot exactly at pocket-level for most people! This almost always works out for her.”

Image: @tupeytheborzoi/Instagram

If Tupelo can successfully grab a treat from someone, she will never forget it. That person will forever be a “treat-carrier” in her mind. Cannarsa says that Tupelo truly believes that those people forever owe her treats. She often acts the same way about toys too. 

“Tupey has gotten bold enough that she’ll stick her snoot right into the pocket and steal a ball, sometimes without even being detected,” Cannarsa said. “If a dog owner is wearing a backpack and kneels down to play with a smaller dog, Tupey doesn’t miss a beat trying to break into the bag on their back, much to my embarrassment.”

Image: @tupeytheborzoi/Instagram

Even though Tupelo has chosen a life of crime, no one ever complains. She’s just too cute to be mad at! Most people are willing to forgive her right away.

If you want to see more of Tupelo’s adventures, check out her Instagram page!

Watch Her Pickpocket Skills in Action Here:

Featured Image: @tupeytheborzoi/Instagram

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