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Zoomies Get The Best Of This Dog In The Middle Of A Wedding Ceremony

People tend to get emotional at weddings. But Shadow? Shadow gets the zoomies!

The tiny black blur in the video is Shadow, who was attending an outdoor wedding in Oregon with his owner when the excitement of the day overtook him! The ceremony was in full swing, with the minister leading the guests in prayer. Even if a guest didn’t have their eyes closed, Shadow was probably too fast for them to spot him anyway!

If a dog runs through a wedding and he’s too fast to see, did he really interrupt anything?

Dogs seem to get “the zoomies” due to pent up energy or excitement. Whichever it was seems to have just propelled him all over the wedding like a popped balloon! The bride, groom and other guests seem to have taken the little dog’s exercise break with good humor. It’s not like they can blame him, he didn’t know when or where the zoomies would strike!

Shadow may not have been a model wedding guest, but the newlyweds now have an excellent story to tell their friends for the rest of their lives! They’ve also provided the rest of us with a tip we should remember: if you’re going to invite dogs to your wedding, make sure you leave some zoom room for your canine guests.

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
Story Page