You Never Have To Leave Your Dog Home Alone Ever Again

Dog lovers rejoice! A dog’s place in the world is changing. For many people, the days of dogs being a second-class citizen are a fast-fading memory. Our furry friends are becoming more and more welcome in every aspect of our lives. Restaurants, public transportation, parks, and even employers are wagging their tails in excitement and welcoming four-legged guests! The day we’ve all dreamed of is finally here. We never have to leave our BFFs home alone again!

Corporate Canines Are On The Rise

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your dog to work (we know you have), it’s happening. And no, you don’t have to hide them in your desk. Many workplaces will even go as far as to let you wear your dog to work in something like the K9 Sport Sack! Some of the biggest names in business are making the workplace comfortable for humans and their dogs! Not just service dogs. Lazy dogs, cuddly dogs, slobbery dogs, and fast-paced dogs are being welcomed into the workplace!

The popular rideshare service totes around more than car riders. Uber offers their corporate employees unlimited paid time off to train their new puppies before bringing them into the office. Jealous? Us too.

The bigwigs at Airbnb know that nothing makes a house feel like home the way a dog does. That’s why they encourage their employees to bring their pups into the office. And, they even get their own ID badges to make it official.

As if we needed another reason to love Amazon, this company goes ALL OUT for their office dogs. Their headquarters has a 17th-floor doggy deck stocked full of tasty treats, room to run and plenty of poop bags. They even have their own dog park!

Come October, it’s time to celebrate the best holiday of all: Barktoberfest! Amazon stops at nothing to make their 6,000 four-legged office friends feel welcome. They even report to their own “Woof Pack” manager every day!

If bringing your pup to work with you is on your to-do list, you can now wear them and never miss a beat! Whether you’re commuting on public transit, navigating rush hour on your own, or peddling into the workplace, a K9 Sport Sack can help you and your doggo get there worry-free.

Craving Adventure? Take Your Dog Along For The Journey!

Since dogs are now in the workplace, it only makes sense for them to indulge in the fun too. Work hard, play harder. So, whether you’re shredding the slopes or hitting the hiking trails, bring your pup along for the experience.

The K9 Sport Sack is a sweet product that lets you wear your dog on your back while giving them a human’s-eye view. Not only is it great for outdoor adventure sports, but you can also use it when navigating around town. The K9 Sport Sack can be used anywhere your dog is jumping to go! Get those wiggle butts ready!


The best part? When you buy from K9 Sport Sack, a portion of your purchase goes towards helping shelter dogs! The “No Dog Left Behind Promise” gives back to shelters that are nominated and voted on by fans on social media. It’s a win-win! You and your dog get to go on awesome adventures while you help other dogs get the care and love they deserve.

Got Wanderlust? Check Out These Dog-Friendly Cities!

Dunedin, FL
Head about 30 minutes southwest of Tampa and you’ll find one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. Dunedin (pronounced done-e-din) is a hidden gem with a small-town feel but big-time beauty. It’s just a few minutes from the world-famous Clearwater Beach and home to Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands, which have been voted the best beach in America. The town itself was also named the “Most Walkable” town in America. If that doesn’t get your snoot sniffing, I don’t know what will!

Dunedin residents and business owners love dogs so much, they’ve dubbed the town “Dogedin.” Downtown even boasts a hand-painted mural of local dogs! If one of the town’s several dog parks aren’t enough, Dunedin has a dedicated beach just for its four-legged visitors.

Portland, Oregon
This cozy city has the highest dog parks per capita. Thirty-three to be exact! Portland is home to countless pubs where your BFF is welcome to share a beer with you. Okay, they probably get water, but you can have a second beer on their behalf! What happens in Portland stays in Portland.

Austin, Texas
If your pet is a wannabe Instagram star then Austin is the place to be. It’s home to nearly 40 pet photographers who can make your dog a diva in any lighting. Austin is also home to a food truck just for dogs! Bow Wow Bones makes its way around town serving up snacks and alcohol-free “puptails” to quench every dog’s thirst after a day at the dog park.

There’s only one question left: Where are you and your dog going to go first? Start your journey now. Click here and use coupon code “iheartdog15” at checkout for 15% off your first step towards your next adventure!

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