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Dogs Argue Like Human Siblings Over Getting Off The Couch

Siblings are pretty funny. Sure, there are moments of genuine conflict, but for the most part, brothers and sisters look out for each other, and their ‘fights’ are usually pretty comical for any bystanders.

Turns out, dogs aren’t immune to this kind of family banter – at least not when a clever human decides to add subtitles to their conversations. Meet Mishka and Laika, two gorgeous huskies with a couple of things in common: they share the same family, and they have a lot to say!

In the video below, we watch as these adorable pups ‘argue’ with one another. The light-colored husky obviously wants her sister to get off the couch and play with her, but it seems she’s running into some resistance.

Seriously too funny – enjoy!

It’s pretty cool to see the impact a little imagination can have on an otherwise straightforward (though…let’s be honest, still really cute) dog video. What do you think the pups were actually trying to ‘say’ to each other?

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