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Don’t Worry, There Will Still Be A 2021 Puppy Bowl!

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, we’ve seen countless events canceled and gathering spaces closed. Fret not though dog lovers, the beloved Puppy Bowl will still take place this year!

Puppy Bowl XVII will air before the Super Bowl on February 7th at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT on Discovery+ and Animal Planet. In my opinion, it’s way more interesting than the football.


An official statement about the 2021 event reads:

“[E]ven though this past year has been different from years past, one thing is for certain: There will be a Puppy Bowl — and Discovery+ and Animal Planet continue this annual tradition to highlight these special puppy players and kittens so that they can finally find the place they are meant to call ‘home.'”


As usual, the rescue pups compete on Team Ruff and Team Fluff to try and win the “Lombarky” trophy.

“Fan-favorite elements, including slow-motion replays, nose-to-nose action from the famous water-bowl cam and aerial shots of the field from the brand-new TEMPTATIONS™ Sky Box are all back this year, along with epic drone shots of puppy players across the arena that bring audiences as close as possible to all the gameplay action.”


A Game And An Adoption Event

Of course, puppies playing makes for great entertainment for those who don’t care about the big football game, but the Puppy Bowl is more than just a show. The three-hour special brings together 70 adoptable rescue puppies from shelters across the northeast U.S. All of these dogs end up finding loving homes after the game!

The adoption rate is at 100 percent as all puppies and kittens featured in Puppy Bowl to date have found their forever homes with loving families.”


In addition to the players, the Puppy Bowl will even feature adoptable puppy cheerleaders this year.

“Additionally, for the first time ever on the sidelines, our Team Ruff and Team Fluff players will be cheered on by none other than adoptable puppy cheerleaders who will root and howl for their favorite players. These cheerleading pups will turn up the volume with cuteness overload by shaking their pom-poms as the Puppy Bowl XVII players make their way down the field!”


Plus, you can’t forget the Kitty Half-Time Show! It’s all adorable, and it’s all about animal rescue. What football game?

Follow the Puppy Bowl account on Facebook or Instagram to get updates on the event. You can even vote in a player “pupularity contest.” Of course, votes and touchdowns or not, all these pups are winners. And honestly, so are we.

H/T: People
Featured Image: @PuppyBowl/Facebook

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