Drone-Chasing–This Must Be The Newest Form Of Dog Exercise!

What’s your dog’s favorite form of exercise?

Most dogs love to go for walks. Whenever they see their humans holding their lead, or even if they just hear the word WALK, they immediately get excited. However some owners have thought of a more creative way of giving their dog some exercise. Like that human who brought a remote control toy car in the dog park and let the dogs chase after it!

The dog in the video below has an even fancier and very fun way of getting her exercise! She loves to chase her human’s drone! In the video, her humans decided to give her a chance to stretch her legs and get some exercise by letting her chase the drone that they are flying. Watch the video below and see how much fun this dog is having!

She sure is having a blast chasing that drone! I love the part when she jumps and tries to catch the drone! LOL!

Do you have a creative way of exercising your dog too? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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