Elusive Stray Finally Captured After 2 Years Roaming Streets

Even if they genuinely love people, capturing a lost or stray dog can be very challenging. Fear responses program dogs to run and to protect themselves first and foremost. A whole host of confusing smells can distract them too. It takes a combination of dedication and luck to get the dog to approach you enough to apprehend them.

Fortunately, Regina Quinn, owner of Blue Angels Pitbull Rescue, is very dedicated. She had to be in order to capture Lucy, a 3 to 4 year old hound living in the woods near Lynnhaven Parkway in Virginia Beach. Animal Control reported that Lucy had escaped from her adopters before Christmas of 2018, when she decided to make her home in the woods across from a mall.

Screenshot, WTKR

Quinn told WTKR:

“She was street smart, not afraid of much. It wasn’t just food she was yearning for; she was yearning for human connection but afraid.”

So, Quinn committed to not giving up on this dog. At first, Quinn heard about Lucy while she was living in Hampton. She showed up near Lucy’s spot every day to check on her and leave fresh food and water for her.

“After two and a half months, I started to stay here all the time.”

This past summer, she officially moved to Virginia Beach to fully pursue her mission to bond with Lucy.

“I work a lot on intuition and divine sense, and something told me this is where I needed to be.”

Earning Lucy’s Trust

Quinn worked on lowering Lucy’s guard by maintaining a consistent schedule with her.

“If I came at two in the morning, I would use a squeaking toy to just make the same sound, just to show consistency for her.”

In fact, Quinn was so committed to helping Lucy she even sometimes parked across the street at a bank and slept in her car just to sneak a glimpse of the dog. That habit paid off, as she brought her own rescue dog Brody to encourage Lucy to come play in the early morning hours.

“After a few hours of cat-and-mouse she started coming, and she literally traversed an entire area showing me her turf. She was so happy; she let me pet her, too.”

Screenshot, WTKR

Having a person to trust clearly meant so much to Lucy.

“She started rolling on her back. [She] was so happy, like she felt part of a pack.”

Now, Lucy is at Animal Control where she will be assessed and looked after. Overall she’s in good health aside from being a bit overweight. Lucy will remain at the shelter while she gets acclimated to non-stray life.

“I just gave her as much love as I could before she went.”

I have hope for Lucy, and thank goodness Quinn did too.

Featured Image: Screenshot, WTKR

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