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Even After She Went Off To College, Her Loyal Dog Waits For Her Arrival Every Day

| Published on December 3, 2016

We’ve heard heartwarming stories of dogs waiting for their humans while they were deployed, at the hospital, or even at work, and this story is another example of a dog’s unwavering loyalty.

Carly Dunn is an 18-year-old college freshman at Georgia State University. When she moved out of the house in August this year, it really threw her dog, a Border Collie mix named Bo, off his schedule.

Image Source: @carlysodunn via Twitter


You see, the Dunn family adopted Bo as a puppy when Carly was a high school sophomore. The two spent a lot of time together, especially in the summers when she was on vacation.

Image Source: @carlysodunn via Twitter


When school started up again, Bo got used to saying goodbye to his human in the mornings. But when he heard the sound of the school bus in the afternoons, he learned that it meant Carly was about to walk through the door!

Only now, Carly no longer gets off the bus that continues to stop across the street. Still, Bo waits for her patiently, hoping one day she’ll walk through the door.

Image Source: @carlysodunn via Twitter


While this bittersweet story is a little sad, don’t worry; Carly will be home soon for winter break! There’s no doubt she’s looking forward to reuniting with her best four-legged friend.

“He’s a character,” she told Huffington Post. “He’s also extremely smart, we never trained him, but ever since he was a puppy, he would run over and stand at the front door whenever he had to go outside.”

Image Source: @carlysodunn via Twitter


Clearly, this intelligent pup is a creature of habit (as are most dogs). But little does he know that all that waiting is about to pay off when she walks through the door in a few days!

“I’m planning on recording it,” Carly said in the story. While she’s home, she’ll squeeze in as much quality time with Bo as possible.

“I’ll probably take him to the dog park or go for a ride because those are his two favorite things in the world,” she told Huffington Post.

Image Source: @carlysodunn via Twitter


We hope Carly, Bo, and the whole Dunn family have a great time together over the holiday break! This pup’s loyalty warms our hearts!

Does your dog wait for you whenever you leave? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t: Huffington Post)

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