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Confused Dog Refuses To Leave Porch After Family Moves Away

One day, a family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania packed up their things and moved away. But they left something very important behind: a sweet brown dog. The dog continued to sleep on the porch, just outside the home he knew. His family never returned for him. Still, he waited. Janine Guido, founder of nearby Speranza Animal Rescue (“Speranza” means “hope” in Italian,) received several calls from neighbors about a dog left behind. No one knew much more outside of that, she told … Read more

Even After She Went Off To College, Her Loyal Dog Waits For Her Arrival Every Day

We’ve heard heartwarming stories of dogs waiting for their humans while they were deployed, at the hospital, or even at work, and this story is another example of a dog’s unwavering loyalty. Carly Dunn is an 18-year-old college freshman at Georgia State University. When she moved out of the house in August this year, it really threw her dog, a Border Collie mix named Bo, off his schedule.   You see, the Dunn family adopted Bo as a puppy when Carly was … Read more

Devoted Dog Spends 6 Days Outside Hospital Waiting For Her Sick Owner To Return

Akitas are thought to be among the most faithful and loyal of dog breeds. Maya, a 2-year-old Japanese Akita Inu demonstrated the accuracy of that label when she steadfastly set up camp outside a Spanish hospital where her owner was recovering from an emergency appendectomy. Barcelona resident, Sandra Iniesta – along with her father Andres and Maya the dog – was returning home from vacation on August 27 when she was struck with severe abdominal pains. She was admitted to … Read more

Senior Dog Stayed With Deceased Owner For 3 Days, And Her Loyalty Won The Hearts Of A New Family

A good dog is loyal to the end–and beyond. This was the case of 12-year-old Bear, who guarded and grieved over her beloved owner, 76-year-old James Ringle, for three days after he passed away. She didn’t get up to eat, drink, or use the bathroom, only leaving his side after his nephew found the pair and took Bear to a local rescue to be cared for. When BARCS of Baltimore, Maryland (you may remember them from this recent story) took Bear in, they … Read more

Top 10 Dogs That Help Fight Depression

While we’d argue that any sweet and lovable dog will undoubtedly make you happier and less stressed, some breeds tend to be especially cheerful, affectionate, and optimistic. If you’ve got a case of the blues, a canine companion may be just what the doctor ordered. Think about it: dog owners spend more time outside, have increased LPD’s (laughs per day) due to their dog’s silly antics, and provide the most loyal friendship in existance. Here are 10 particularly dopamine-inducing dog breeds who will bring sunshine to all your cloudy days. (Note: This … Read more

For The Past 6 Years, This Dog Has Guarded His Deceased Owner’s Grave

If you have seen the movie Hachi, or heard the story, then you know just how affected dogs can be when their owners pass away and do not return. Captain, a German shepherd mix in Argentina, had only been part of the family for a year when the father, Miguel Guzman, passed away unexpectedly. Although he had been a gift for son Damien, who was 13 when he got the pup, it’s clear that Captain was attached to Miguel; he ran … Read more