Fate Brings Young Cancer Survivor & Three-Legged Shelter Dog Together


If you don’t believe in destiny, this story may just change your mind. Logan is a handsome, 2-year-old shelter pup who was having trouble finding his forever home due to his amputated front limb.

Quinn is a courageous, 12-year-old cancer survivor who, like Logan, lost a leg while battling for his life. They met Thursday at Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter – and the rest is history!

Coincidentally, the day before Quinn and his mother arrived in search of a three-legged dog, the shelter posted this video of Logan in an effort to help the shy guy get adopted.

Little did Logan know, his perfect human match was just hours away from entering his life!

Quinn was 10-years-old when pain in his right leg and hip led to a grave diagnosis. It was cancer and the leg would have to be amputated. The very first words this brave young man spoke to his mother upon waking up from surgery were:

“I want a three-legged dog.”

Finally, after a 2 year search, Quinn’s wish has been granted. And Logan’s dream of finding a family to call his own is a reality!

These 2 were clearly meant to be together! Here’s wishing them many years of love, friendship and health!

Featured Image Screenshot via Facebook/Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento

Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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