Firefighters Discover Dog They’re Trying To Rescue Just Likes Climbing Onto The Roof

On March 14, 2022, the fire department received a call about a dog in need of rescue at a residence in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. The call came from a passerby who saw the dog standing on the roof of the home.

Not long after the rescue crews arrived on the scene, they learned their help would not be needed. It turns out this dog frequents the roof and “comes and goes in the house as he pleases.”


Dog Or Mountain Goat?

A spokesperson for the Fire Department later explained to SWNS how a call for help turned into an amusing discovery:

“We were called to an apartment block on Laurel Street to rescue a dog who was stranded on the roof. When we arrived, it became clear the dog did not need rescuing, and we were told that he ‘does it all the time.'”


Though it’s not clear how this dog figured out how to get out of his house and onto the roof and how to come back down again. Apparently, he loves the view up there. What an agile, clever guy!

“We were unable to make contact with the dog’s owner, but the dog came down and went into the apartment while we were at the scene,” the FD spokesperson added.

While I completely understand the instinct to call for help after seeing this unusual sight, you gotta admit that dog looks pretty happy (and hilarious) up there.

Words Of Appreciation And Safety Concerns

As the roof of a house is not a typical place for a dog to stand, some people expressed concerns for the dog’s safety.

“Dogs, (pets), are capable of getting into many situations, but as the pet owner, it’s our responsibility to make sure they are safe! One wrong move, he can fall to his death or severe injury!” – Julie Dombroski Walker via Facebook

“The Owners should be reported. This is not safe for the Dog.” – Denise Giranda via Facebook

Fortunately, as far as we know, the dog has never been injured climbing up to his roof, something he apparently does all the time. In defense of the dog and his humans, several others chimed in:

“Well there’s no denying he’s well taken care of … if he identifies as a bird who are we to judge.” – Stacia Scheitrum via Facebook

He’s cute he just wanted to see the view lol leave the owners alone.” – Renita Victoria via Facebook

That dude looks like he’s been doing this for years. I see no fear in this dog wanting to be a mountain goat.” – Chad Miller via Facebook

One thing we can probably all agree on is that it’s good this dog appears to be unharmed. Plus, he seems to be having a great time up there. Good luck to the dog’s parents trying to tell this independent gentleman where he can and cannot go!

H/T: People
Featured Image: Facebook

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