Firefighters Rescue Lost Puppy Just In Time For Christmas

Some of our favorite hometown heroes saved the day again. This time it was for a tiny, four-month-old Pug puppy! The little guy and his family had traveled from Texas to Butte, Montana to enjoy the Christmas holiday.

However, this peppy Pug must have watched too many Christmas movies because he took a play right out of Kevin McAllister’s playbook and “accidentally” escaped from his family just as their vacation was beginning.

Golden Retriever Running

Little Pug In A Big World

If you’ve ever owned a Pug, you know three things to be true:

  1. Their snore rattles the windows.
  2. They shed enough hair to make your living room look like a snowglobe.
  3. They’re surprisingly adventurous between snooze sessions.

The Pug, whose name remains unknown, was reported missing on Christmas Eve. It’s a classic move for a Kevin if you ask me.

The little guy’s family was of course devastated by his disappearance, but they held out hope for a Christmas miracle. As the wandering Pug presumably began making his way to Duncan’s Toy Chest, he ran into a bit of a pickle.

The curly-tailed escapee had wandered into traffic on Butte’s Harrison Avenue. The busy street is home to a Wal-Mart, an airport, and multiple large chain stores including a Petco (well played, little pug). You can imagine the volume of traffic, especially during the holiday season.

A Happy Ending That Took An Entire Town

He found himself dodging traffic, but luckily the local fire department was able to help. Like Santa’s big red sleigh at the break of dawn, their rescue truck rolled up just in time to pull off one last Christmas miracle. Plus, the locals were kind enough to stop traffic in order to spare the little guy’s life.

The terrified Pug stopped and hid under a car and firefighters were able to pull him out unharmed. He was given to the Chelsea Bailey Animal Shelter where he could be kept safe until his family could be reunited.

“He’s in great shape, he’s a young dog and he seems to be OK, we’re going to get him to the vet and update some vaccinations for him and get him back to his owner and he’ll be all good to go,” Butte Animal Control Officer J.D. Santifer told KXLF News at the time.

Thanks to the kind locals who stopped traffic, the firefighters who sprung into action, and the animal shelter who gave him a warm place to wait, this little guy was happily reunited with his family to ring in the new year!


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