First Ever Dog Christmas Song Is Making Canines Feel Festive

Every year, humans get to enjoy festive music for the holidays. But one dog food company thought dogs might like to get in on the fun as well. So, created what they claim to be the first ever Christmas song made for dogs!

The song might sound strange to us, but it’s made of a compilation of sounds that dogs love. Dogs around the world have been getting excited every time they hear it. It’s adorable to see so many dogs finally getting in the holiday spirit.

Dogs with headphones
Image: @dudes_anddogs/Instagram

Raise the Woof! created the song “Raise the Woof” specifically for canine listeners. The final product is based on scientific research and the advice of animal behaviorists. Many dogs already react to music, and studies proved that reggae and soft rock are their favorite genres. So, that information was taken into account when creating the song.

The song has a reggae beat, along with sounds dogs are likely to react to, such as bells, squeaky toys, and barking. It also includes humans saying phrases like “sit,” “good boy,” “good girl,” and “would you like to go on walkies?”

The company created the final product after having a group of 25 dogs listen to it. They played over 500 different sounds for the dogs and observed how they reacted. From there, they put the sounds into a pleasant song, and they even created an adorable music video to accompany it.

Dog Christmas and a Good Cause

Many dogs have reacted positively to the song since it was released. Some dogs barked like crazy when hearing the music while others simply tilted their heads curiously. As it turns out, the company believes this is how dogs show that they’re enjoying music.

“Signs that dogs are enjoying the track include alertness, trying to discover where the sounds are coming from, head cocking, or moving their ears to get a better listen, as well as tails wagging,” said in a press release.

Raise the Woof
Image: @marina_tout_a_dire/Instagram

However, there are also many dogs who seem disinterested in the tune. Some fans shared photos of their dogs napping, not moving a muscle as the song played. But not every human reacts to music in the same way, so we can’t expect dogs to. While some dogs might jump for joy, others might not be feeling the Christmas spirit this year. is also hoping to help a good cause with their new song. They are selling limited edition vinyls of this song, and all the proceeds will go to Dudes & Dogs, an organization that brings men together to talk and spend time with dogs. Sometimes all you need to do to feel more positive is walk dogs and have conversations with others. All proceeds from the vinyls will go to this organization, and you can also choose to donate without purchasing the vinyl as well. Click here to see how you can help.

See how your dogs react to “Raise the Woof” by listening to it here:

Featured Image: @tailsUK/Facebook

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