Flood Evacuee In South Carolina Stops Everything To Save A Dog Who Was Left For Dead

With all of the severe rain and flooding in the Carolinas, more than a 1,000 people are currently displaced from their homes. Being forced to leave behind your home is heartbreaking, but knowing that you have your family by your side can help to ease these difficult situations. Imagine how you would feel if you didn’t have long to get out: What would you take with you to start your life over in a new place? We consider our pets a part of our family, and the thought of leaving them behind is unimaginable to us. Clearly, they are coming with us to find a new place to call home.

When Alex Scroggins, a resident of Conway, South Carolina, was helping his sister and mother gather what they could from their homes before they were forced to vacate, he noticed something that caught his eye. Each time he passed this one home on his route, Alex saw a Labrador Retriever that seemed to be growing more frantic with each time he passed by. The dog whined and paced, scared and (from the looks of it) all alone.

“I asked some neighbors and they said the owner had left the dog there a few days earlier,” Scroggins said.

At first Alex assumed the owner of the dog must be nearby, but as the dog grew more frantic, he realized the sad reality of the situation: this poor dog had been abandoned and left to die. Even in this time of struggle, he knew he had to do what was right. The floodwaters were steadily gaining speed, and the Lab was helpless on the porch with no way to get out. Alex put himself in harm’s way to rescue this dog who desperately needed someone to help him.

“I approached him, and he was skittish at first, since his owner had left him high and dry. After I put my hand out and let him get used to me, he calmed down and I petted him. We scooped him up and took him to safety on the boat. He was almost without a dry place to stand by the time I found him. That dog was going to be swept out. It would have been only a matter of time before we saw him floating in the river dead.”


We are so thankful for people like Alex that truly love animals and would risk their own life just to help one in need. Share this heartwarming story with your friends who love dogs, just like you!


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