“Gender Reveal” Puppy Photoshoot Is Almost Too Cute For Words

If you’ve never experienced pure joy, your life is about to change. Lufkin, Texas photographer Carlye Allen recently shared photos from a puppy gender-reveal photoshoot that are guaranteed to put a smile on even the stoniest of faces!

Puppy photoshoots are nothing new, but something about these adorable photos are definitely different. Newly adopted puppy Rey Dakota Stone is a natural-born model. The beautiful blonde has an unforgettable megawatt smile that is melting my heart and bringing tears to my eyes. They’re almost too cute.

This is what it feels like to fall in love. In the future when people ask me about the happiest moment of my life, I’m going to tell them about when I first saw these pictures.

Rey is more than just a pretty face and wagging tail. She was found wandering along a road with four other pups by Gracie Gonzalez, who runs a boarding facility and often shelters dogs in need of a home. At first she thought that she had seen the pups at a nearby house and knew where they belonged.

When she went to tell the owner what she thought about abandoning pups, she realized that these were not the same pups she had seen before, and took them in. Gracie and her family fostered the puppies until they could be adopted. Joy Stone saw photos of the pups on social media and adopted Blondie – now Rey – and the rest is sweet, adorable history!

Joy and Rey look so happy in these photos! There’s no shame in crying.

Thanks to Carlye, Gracie, and Joy, Rey now has a loving home and the sweet photos have helped bring some awareness to abandoned animals like her. See more of Carlye Allen’s work (and Rey!) at Facebook.com.

Featured Photo: Photographed By Carlye Allen/Facebook

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