Giant English Mastiff Competes in Agility Contest and it is Adorable

When we think of dog agility contests, breeds like Border Collies, Shelties, and Australian Shepherds come to mind. They are fast, wicked smart, and ready to take cues from their trainers. Watching them speed through a course with precision and ease is impressive to say the least. Watching a giant English Mastiff amble his way through an agility course makes an altogether different impression. If you need a smile today, watch this huge and adorable guy do his agile best.

A More Typical Contender

The Golden Retriever in the video below is considered a large breed contender. She whips through this course, which is easily three times longer than the one the Mastiff completes. It takes the Golden  Retriever about 35 seconds to clear the course. She flies over the hurdles and ramps, dashes through the tunnels, and works her way through the weaving poles so quickly that she looks like a blur. Just for the sake of comparison, check out this performance.

The Mastiff Thinks Twice About Entering the Tunnel

First up for this big, beautiful sweetheart is a tunnel. His trainer gives him the command to enter it and he almost does. He thinks twice giving her a look that seems to ask, “are you sure about this? That’s pretty small…” But she persists and he relents. In he goes, at a very casual pace.

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The Crowd Shows Him Love as He Clears Hurdles

Next up for the big contestant are a series of hurdles he has to jump over. Despite his hefty size, he clears nearly all of them. His foot did clip one of the bars and knock it down, but he was undeterred. He carried on in his quiet, calm, and confident way. The crowd showed him appreciation and encouragement, cheering and clapping for him at each apparatus along the way.

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Working the Weave Poles in Record Time

Probably the most endearing part of this performance is when the big guy strolls over to the weave poles. He follows the commands perfectly, even going back to get the last one that he misses the first time. However, he is taking his sweet time to do it! The weave poles are a big challenge for agility dogs, and typically they wiggle through them so quickly that you can scarcely make them out as they go. Not this big guy. It is an absolute delight to watch him slowly but surely sway his way down the weave-pole path.

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Without Further Ado, Enjoy the Entire Show!

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Featured Image Screenshot Funny News Fix/Facebook

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