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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to dog beds – price, size, cover material, filling, color, shape, etc. So where do you start when you are trying to decide which dog bed is right for your pet? The first rule is – don’t just think about color. It’s hard to not want to buy something simply because we like the color or it matches our décor. However, color should really be the last thing on your list.

What you need to think about is: Health, Durability, and Comfort.


Beds should have these health features:

  • Dirt and odor resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Joint support

Saliva, stains and moisture foster the growth of bacteria. Definitely not healthy. PACK&DEN dog bed’s machine-washable cover is easy to clean, breaking the “stinky dog cycle” and providing a sanitary sleeping spot for your best canine friend.

Your dog’s bed should also support his body and joints. This is especially important if you have a dog with dysplasia or arthritis. The right bed can help alleviate pain and make them more comfortable. PACK&DEN beds are made with two layers of orthopedic foam – a firmer lower layer that supports your dog’s weight, and an upper, memory foam layer that both cradles him and provides a comfortable, supportive surface for his joints. It handles shifting without sagging or instability.


None of us can afford to buy a dog bed every year, let alone every month. Dogs don’t just sleep in their beds. They bite, scratch, chew, roll on them, and drag them around. Some even go to the bathroom on their beds. Food gets ground into the fibers. A dog bed should NOT be made of thin fabrics that tear easily and provide no protection to the filling inside. Nor should they have the typical “stuffed toy filling” that bunches and loses its shape when washed.

Ever tried to stick a giant, bulky dog bed in your washer? However, the PACK&DEN dog beds have a machine-washable cover that is easy to clean. No more over-filling your washer. This means it will be the last dog bed you need to buy.


You want your dog to be comfortable, of course, otherwise they won’t use the bed! Purchasing a bed of high quality materials, instead of thin fabric and lumpy filling will be more comfortable for your dog.

In addition, beds with filling that contour to your dog are the most comfortable- just like memory foam mattresses are for humans. The highly cushioning, yet supportive memory foam in PACK&DEN dog beds ensure comfort for dogs of any age, size, and health condition. Since it contours to your dog and then bounces back, your pup can sleep in any position and change that position as often as he likes, and still be on a soft, supportive bed, without lumps or hard spots.

This bed will also be a comfort to you. You can rest easy knowing that your dog’s bed is healthy, durable, and comfortable – and, most importantly, will remain so the rest of his life. You can also feel good about you and your dog providing a blanket for a shelter dog when you purchase your PACK&DEN bed from the iHeartDogs store!

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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