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Incredible Journey: Young Man & His Dog To Walk 7 Continents

At 27-years-old, Tom Turcich is on the adventure of a lifetime. But he isn’t alone; he travels with his trusty canine companion, Savannah. Turcich has taken on the goal of walking across all seven continents, even Antarctica, with his beloved dog. His life changed dramatically at 17 when he lost a dear friend, and it made him discover how truly short and fragile life is. Since then, he’s worked hard at saving up enough money to travel the world by foot. He carries minimal necessities in a baby stroller rather than a backpack, to lighten the load on his body while walking.

Tom Turcich and Savannah rest on a beach in Mexico. Image source: Tom Turcich via The World Walk

Turcich has been documenting his travels through Facebook and Instagram and spoke on Reddit about his journey. He initially started alone, walking from his New Jersey home to Texas, where he decided he wanted a protector and companion. He picked up Savannah from an animal shelter, and the two have become virtually inseparable.

Their journey will take a total of five years, should everything go according to plan. So far, they’ve gone from the United States through Mexico, Central America and are now in South America. On day 472 last week, he and Savannah crossed the border into Peru. The plan from here is to take a boat to Antarctica, fly to Europe, move through Africa and Asia to Australia, and fly back home to the United States. Traveling with a dog has been easier than Turcich expected. He carries Savannah’s proof of rabies vaccination everywhere he goes, as well as an International Certificate of Health from a United States veterinarian.

Savannah in a mountain pass in Guatemala. Image source: Tom Turcich via The World Walk

Turcich’s adventures have been nothing less than extraordinary. He and Savannah have made many friends along the way and seen some of the most beautiful scenery our planet has to offer. They’ve eaten local food, walked an average of 24 miles per day and have already been to more places than most people go in their entire lives.

Savannah rests after crossing the border into Ecuador. Image source: Tom Turcich via The World Walk

Turcich says it took his body a while to adjust to walking so much, often cramping and throbbing after only 15 miles per day. But now, he can easily go 30 miles with stretching at the end of the day and feel fresher than ever the next morning. “Now I don’t even feel the first fifteen miles I walk every day,” says Turcich. “Then during the second half of the day I know I only have a few miles left and that pulls me through.” Savannah, though, never lost her stride. Turcich tells, “She walks every mile with me and always has energy left over at the end of the day.”

Taking in the view in Honduras. Image source: Tom Turcich via The World Walk

Turcich and Savannah are an inspiration to many and there’s no wonder why. The two are absolutely incredible. They have a long road ahead of them, but we have no doubt they’ll come to the end only to seek more adventure. The duo has shown the world that together, humans and dogs can accomplish even the wildest of dreams.

A photo posted by Tom Turcich (@theworldwalk) on

A photo posted by Tom Turcich (@theworldwalk) on

Cover photo: Turcich and Savannah rest in Narino, Columbia. Image source: Tom Turcich via The World Walk

A photo posted by Tom Turcich (@theworldwalk) on

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Written by Katie Finlay
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