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Like Harry Potter, Dog Has His Own “Cupboard Under The Stairs”

If you’re a Harry Potter-sized child, being forced to live under the stairs is pretty awful. However, for a petite little Chihuahua, that nook is the perfect size for a rad doggie pad!

Image Source: Fatisbac via Imgur


Imgur user Fatisbac recently visited her aunt and discovered that her canine cousin has quite the set-up under the staircase. From the four poster bed to the miniature painting of dogs playing poker, this room has everything a pampered pooch could ask for.

Image Source: Fatisbac via Imgur


Notice the tiny set of antlers above the bed, the Chihuahua-sized sombrero (or pimp hat?)… and is that a miniature Pilgrim hat sitting on the dresser?

Image Source: Fatisbac via Imgur


Image Source: Fatisbac via Imgur


When the little master of the nook wants some privacy, the large door closes. There is an inset transparent window that doubles as a doggy door so he can still survey his surroundings or venture out for a midnight snack.

What do you think of this pint-sized pooch’s bedroom? Would your dog enjoy having a space of his or her own like this?


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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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