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Little Puppy With Disability Has Adorable Wobble And An Incredible Spirit

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on June 20, 2020

Some of the most perfect things in life are a little bit imperfect, like this tiny puppy’s swagger when he walks. Meet 10-week-old Chip. His breed is as perfectly imperfect as his walk. With a mixture of Cocker Spaniel, Boxer, Beagle, Collie, and a dash of Saint Bernard, Chip is about as uniquely perfect as they come!

Little Chip has a medical condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. It sounds a lot scarier than it is. Cerebellar hypoplasia affects the area of his brain that controls his motor skills. This means that things like walking, running, and jumping is a little different for Chip than they are for other dogs.


Cerebellar hypoplasia is a condition that dogs are born with. Puppies usually show signs of cerebellar hypoplasia as soon as they start to walk. They typically have tremors in their head, balance issues, difficulty with coordination, and a wide stance. While there isn’t a cure, the condition will not get worse as time progresses. As for Chip, his cerebellar hypoplasia diagnosis doesn’t define him or slow him down one bit!

Chip’s mom, Sadie Reid, told SWNS, “In short, the part of his brain for motor control and a few other things isn’t quite right, but he doesn’t know any different. Dogs with CH typically live normal lives, they just wobble. Unfortunately, Chip is also completely deaf.”

Chip’s condition doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t stop him from doing all of the things that puppies love – like chewing perfectly good shoes, running in the backyard, or blowing sweet puppy breath in your face. He just does it all with his own signature wobble, including harassing the cat!


Chip’s mom even had a custom wheelchair made for him. However, Chip clearly had other plans. His first attempt at using the wheelchair resulted in a quick flop over onto his side where he laid on the floor, probably wondering why he had anything strapped onto him in the first place. He’s a determined little boy who can do anything he puts his mind to, after all!

Just look at his speed and enthusiasm! So fast that he’s just a blur of cuteness!


Chip brings so much joy to his entire family and they wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world.

“My entire family knows Chip as ‘baby shark,’ ” Reid said. “His wobbles don’t slow him down, and he has a super confident and positive personality. Chip and I learn together every day. There’s always new challenges but he manages to find hilarious solutions.”

Chip likes to spend most of his time sleeping. But, when he isn’t snoozing away, he can typically be found running around the house and showing off his snazzy strut!

Featured Photo: @SNWS/YouTube

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