UPDATE: Lonely Foster Dog Who Clung To His Bucket For Comfort Has Been Adopted!


Who could forget Slim, the lonely Pittie who was left at a shelter with a bucket as his only friend? We published the heartbreaking story last October and wanted to know how he was doing.

Well we’re happy to say that this sweetheart has experienced the BEST kind of “failure” that there is–foster failure!

Slim was discovered on the Rescue Me Ohio page–which posts about shelter dogs in need–by the Forget Me Not Animal Rescue. Luckily, the rescue was able to bring him to safety and pair him with his foster family. Now, they’re his forever family!

After living with and loving this pup, they just couldn’t imagine life without him. So, they decided to officially make him part of the family. Just look at how well he’s doing!

Image Source: Forget Me Not Animal Rescue via Facebook


Image Source: Forget Me Not Animal Rescue via Facebook


Image Source: Forget Me Not Animal Rescue via Facebook


Thanks to everyone who shared this story. The Forget Me Not Animal Rescue is a non-profit that gives dogs like Slim a second chance.

If you’d like to help make second chances like this possible, please click here to donate to the rescue. And did you know that your employer may match your 501c3 donation? Check out this list of companies that match.

Original Story:

Why is that some of the sweetest dogs you’ve ever seen end up at a shelter? What is it that they did to deserve such an unfair fate? They sit there confused about why no one is ever coming back to get them, and all they want more than anything is for someone to give them a loving, FOREVER home–just like they deserve.

The crazy part is, dogs at shelters don’t have a chance to tell their side of the story. Sometimes we never know how they ended up there just waiting to be loved. For a lonely shelter dog named Slim, he came from a place that no dog ever deserves. Left to starve in an abandoned house, Slim was rescued in December of 2014. The Pit Bull mix was extremely malnourished and terrified, fighting for his life when rescue workers found him. He was taken to the Ashland County Dog Shelter in Ohio–where he’s been ever since that day he was discovered ten long months ago.

He sits there waiting, watching, clinging to his only friend that he would be lost without–his bucket. Little Slim needs to find a home where he can feel the love he deserves, and get to make real friends just like he should. Let’s come together to find this precious pup a home!!

Rescue Me Ohio writes on their Facebook page:

“He is approximately 4 to 5 years old, a Pit Bull mix. He has a lot of energy and charm. He had some food guarding issues that the shelter staff and volunteers have worked with and he has come a long way. He loves attention and loves to play. He is a very strong boy too who does not have the best of leash manners. He is anxious in the shelter and has destroyed most of the toys he’s been given. But his favorite toy is his Bucket!!! He loves his bucket and is lost without it!! He sits like a perfect gentleman for a treat and takes them so nicely. He will need a home that will continue to work on these manners he has learned. Slim really needs a rescue to take him in and give him time to decompress after all this shelter time.”

Image Source: Rescue Me Ohio via Facebook

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