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Lost Dog Receives Southern Hospitality At Alabama Prison

| Published on December 20, 2019

Soup is an English Setter of Southern rearing who lives with his family in Montgomery, Alabama. Last week, his curiosity got the best of him as he chased after a deer in some nearby woods. He ended up getting lost, leaving his family fearing the worst for three excruciating days. Little did they know that Soup was just fine, receiving the finest Southern hospitality in a somewhat surprising place.

Image Leigh Goyer Parker Facebook

Soup Was Found Scared but Was Won Over with a Hot Biscuit

Soup tore off into the trees and away from his family on Saturday afternoon. Early Monday morning maintenance supervisor Charles Brooks arrived to work at the Kilby Correctional Facility. Brooks saw Soup curled up next to a state vehicle, looking anxious and afraid. Brooks knew just what to do. He offered Soup a hot biscuit, which the hungry pup took gratefully. After that, Soup was on Brooks like white on rice. Knowing he’d found a safety net, he followed Brooks and the maintenance staff everywhere.

Soup Was Living Large at the State Prison

Soup was living the good life at Kilby Correctional. He took to sleeping under the maintenance shed at night and napped on a bed of old towels during the day. The inmates immediately fell for Soup, sharing their own rations with him. The Montgomery Advertiser reported that he shared roast beef, chicken tenders, steak, and peach cobbler with his new-found friends. Soup ran freely in the prison yard, played basketball with some of the inmates, and even had a romp or two with the prison K9 team. As his mama Leigh said after Soup was safely returned home, “He was living high on the hog.”

Image Leigh Goyer Parker Facebook

Word Got Round as Soup’s Family Searched High and Low

Leigh Goyer Parker and Michael Parker had named their dog after Leigh’s father’s nickname, Soup. When he went missing, they sprang into action, posting on social media and spreading the word around their community that Soup had run off. They got a call a guard at Kilby Correctional, which is located about a mile from the Parker’s home. The guard said he’d heard the couple were looking for their dog and the guard thought he knew where the dog could be found. He further explained that the dog’s tag had fallen off and they were unaware that he was microchipped. 

Image Leigh Goyer Parker Facebook

Not a Shred of Doubt That Soup Belonged to the Parkers

Michael Parker raced off to the prison, where he met with Brooks asking, “Do you have good news for me?” Brooks whistled and along came Soup, instantly seeing his human and claiming him completely. Brooks reported that Soup climbed all over Michael and then jumped right into the front seat of the truck. “You absolutely knew that it was his dog,” Brooks said. “Me and the dog were inseparable for three days, and he wouldn’t even come to me when that man pulled up.”

The Parkers were so very appreciative that the staff, inmates, and guards took great care of Soup. Leigh said that she is going to take Soup to visit his new friends and will be bringing the warden a pecan pie.

Featured Image Leigh Goyer Parker

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