Dog Without Eyes Finds Amazing Home After Being Thrown Out

Remember the dog who was thrown out with a couch, then cared for and re-homed by the Arizona Humane Society (AHS)? Well the AHS has helped another pup in need find the perfect forever family!

Two-year-old Ashton was found on the side of the road, exhausted, dehydrated, and having suffered trauma so severe that his eyes were dislocated from their sockets.

Ashton 4
Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society


In extreme pain, the poor Pittie was taken to the AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital where emergency surgery was performed. Unfortunately, the vets could not save his eyes, and they had to be removed.

Ashton 3
Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society


Over the next few weeks, AHS trainers worked extensively with Ashton to teach him how to adapt to life without sight and depend on his other senses.

Despite all he’s been through, the young pup is ever the optimist, and loves showing affection to those around him.

Ashton 2
Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society


After all he’s lost, he’s finally gained the best gift of all: a family who loves him and wants to provide him with a forever home!

Ashon 1
Courtesy: Arizona Humane Society


You know what they say: love is blind! We wish the best of luck to Ashton and his new family.

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