Man And Dog Spend Their Lives Walking Around The World Together

If you’re not a Redditor, you’ve probably still heard about the “AMA” threads online. “AMA” stands for “Ask Me Anything.” This subreddit allows users across the globe to host virtual Q&As. AMAs posted there range from President Barack Obama to shark attack survivors to Disney World employees. The idea is that anyone can get insight into life experiences that differ from their own if they choose to ask a question.

One incredible Redditor, Tom Turcich, posted an AMA on April 26th: I am walking around the world with my dog. AMA! Turcich, as he explains, went to college, worked to pay off his loans, and then saved up enough to hit the road. He adopted Savannah along the way.

“Five years ago I left my home in New Jersey to embark on a twenty-five thousand mile, seven continent, walk around the world. After four months of walking I adopted a dog, Savannah, and since then we’ve covered 16,500 miles across thirty-three countries together.”


They’ve since traveled countless miles on foot together, across the world. An infographic on his website succinctly lays out their incredible journey.

“During the first two years of this adventure I walked from New Jersey to Uruguay. I was held up at knife point in Panama, did ayahuasca in the Amazon, and climbed 15,000 feet over the Chilean Andes. The three years since walking The Americas, I was almost taken out by a bacterial infection, needed seven months to recover, then walked Europe, North Africa, across Turkey and into Georgia. I peregrinated The Camino in Spain, had a twenty-four hour police escort through Algeria, visited the village of my family name (Turčić) in Croatia and became the first private citizen granted permission to cross the Bosphorus Bridge on foot (the Istanbul bridge crosses from Europe to Asia).”

Naturally, many did have questions for Turcich. “Why” was not one of them. Turcich explained the inspiration for this nomadic lifestyle came in the wake of a friend’s untimely passing.

“I’m walking around the world because of a friend who died at seventeen. Her death led me to understand how fleeting my life was and that I needed to make the most of the short time I had.”

Savannah, Dog On The Road

When Savannah was just a puppy, Turnich would push her along in a cart. All grown up, the pup has more than enough stamina and enthusiasm to walk for days.


“Now she’ll walk thirty miles a day and still be running circles at night. We’ve spent nearly every minute of every day together and from navigating chaotic cities and strange new environments Sav and I are totally in sync. She’s my best bud and absolutely rock solid.”

One Redditor wanted to know if bringing Savannah across borders ever posed a problem. The short answer is, not when you have all the time in the world to spare.

“All this just comes down to doing research ahead of time then allotting whatever time necessary. I’m in no rush and I’m not going anywhere without Sav so even an extra week or two to sort out paperwork is no bother.”


Some noted that Savannah seems very well-behaved and obedient to handle such a lifestyle. Tom replied that Savannah grew up this way and is just happy to have him alongside her.

“Especially on the road she listens to every little thing I say. You figure she grew up on the road with me and we’ve spent nearly every minute of every day together so we’re very much in sync.”


When it comes to feeding Savannah, Turcich indicated no major issues finding food from place to place.

“Because I push a cart I can bring a decent amount of weight with me. I usually buy a few pounds of dog food whenever it’s available. And I’ve been able to get dog food just about everywhere. The only place where it was difficult to find was in Morocco and Algeria. Because I couldn’t find any I fed Sav canned tuna and beef. I’m sure she preferred that diet but it’s much heavier.”

The AMA contains links to more detailed and fascinating stories from their many travels. I encourage you all to read through it!


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Featured Image: @theworldwalk/Instagram

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