Devoted Dog Dad Takes Disabled Dog For Walks On A Cart So He Can Still Enjoy Life

If you’ve ever had a senior dog then you know how heartbreaking it can be to watch them struggle. Once your puppy who loved toys, cuddles on the couch and running free is now confined to beds on the floor and labored walks to the water bowl. Inviting a pooch into your family means you commit to see them through, for sickness and in health. Tonino Vitale from Italy knew this.

Anything Can Be Overcome With Love And Devotion

Vitale took his 13-year-old Yellow Lab, Dylan, for walks when he was younger. One Green Planet says that sweet Dylan suffered from arthritis and shortness of breath as he aged. That didn’t stop his dedicated dad from taking him on their daily walk. Vitale loaded Dylan up on a cart every day and took him for a stroll. He even had a safety harness rigged for his fur baby.


Vitale And Dylan’s Bond Was Caught On Camera

Unbeknownst to Vitale, neighbors caught his acts of love and kindness on video. They were so moved by his dedication to his aging baby. Vitale lifted Dylan on and off the cart each and every day. He and his wife had children who initially cared for Dylan when he was a puppy. Their human children grew and left home, leaving Dylan alone with his parents who viewed him as their child.

Dylan was unable to move his hind legs and had a really difficult time using his front legs. He brought Vitale comfort after he lost his own parents, so Vitale knew he had to dedicate his time to caring for Dylan in his last days. Dylan loved getting some fresh air and seeing the neighborhood so the two gladly made their rounds daily.

Sadly, Dylan has passed away since the video went viral. What a lucky boy he was to have had a mom and dad who cared so deeply for him!

Loving Dog Dads Will Stop At Nothing

Vitale and Dylan’s story is similar to the devotion that John Unger had for his boy, Schoep. Schoep had been diagnosed with arthritis so severe, the vet had recommended he be euthanized soon. Unger was devastated and determined to ease Shoep’s pain. The pair headed down to Lake Superior where they floated around together, enjoying the weightlessness of the water. Schoep was so comforted that he laid his head on his dad’s shoulder and went to sleep. 


Unger told Today that he credits Schoep with saving his life. After suffering a painful breakup, he had gone out on the lake and intended to end his life. He looked down at Schoep, who he had rescued as an abused puppy, and he had a change of heart. Unger thought about all that Schoep had done for him and knew he couldn’t leave him.

“He just snapped me out of that moment … we walked around the rest of the night until dawn,” Unger told Today.

Sometimes the love between humans and dogs truly is the best medicine. Hey, who’s cutting onions in here?

You can watch a video of Vitale and Dylan on one of their walks here.

Featured Photo: @SabrinaLaGrotteria/Facebook

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