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Man Drives 17 Hours to Adopt a Special Needs Dog He’s Never Met

Written by: Clarisse Q
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| Published on June 12, 2024

Mr. Muggles hasn’t always had the easiest journey, but he certainly found the perfect companion. His story is one that warms the heart, illustrating the limitless power of love and kindness.

Born with hydrocephalus, a condition where spinal fluid builds pressure on the brain, Mr. Muggles faced many challenges from the start. His skull never fully formed, making him vulnerable to head injuries. Yet, fate brought him to Blake, a man who saw past his condition and recognized the vibrant spirit within this special needs dog.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Blake’s commitment began with a 17-hour drive from LA to Seattle, a testament to his dedication and the lengths he would go for love. Hydrocephalus prevents dogs from flying due to the pressure changes, so road travel was the only option. With Mr. Muggles beside him, Blake embarked on a journey that was both physical and emotional, forging an unbreakable bond between them.

Hydrocephalus affects dogs differently. For Mr. Muggles, it means living with two open holes in his head. While he may be developmentally simple, his zest for life and the joy he brings are immeasurable. His condition doesn’t define him; instead, it highlights his resilience and the happiness he brings to those around him.

Blake, with his automotive background, decided to enhance Mr. Muggles’ quality of life by crafting a custom helmet to protect his head. The helmets available lacked sufficient padding, so Blake created a custom carbon fiber helmet with adequate cushioning, ensuring Mr. Muggles could explore the world safely. This helmet symbolizes the innovative spirit and unyielding commitment of those who care for special needs animals.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

The helmet not only provides Mr. Muggles with the freedom to explore but also gives Blake peace of mind, knowing his furry friend is protected. The open fontanels on Mr. Muggles’ head will never fully close, posing a lifelong risk, but with the helmet, he can experience life’s joys with minimized danger.

Despite his condition, Mr. Muggles is pain-free and enjoys life to the fullest. Unaware of his medical challenges, he brightens the gloomiest days and transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. His presence alone can make a good day better and bring sunshine to overcast ones.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Blake’s dedication to caring for special needs dogs like Mr. Muggles is truly inspiring. These “lovable lemons,” as he affectionately calls them, may be underdogs in many ways, but they have an abundance of love and joy to give. Helping them navigate life’s challenges is a rewarding and beautiful journey that enriches the lives of those who choose to embark on it.

The story of Blake and Mr. Muggles is a powerful reminder that love knows no bounds. Blake’s commitment to ensuring that Mr. Muggles and others like him not only survive but thrive is a beautiful testament to the boundless possibilities of love and kindness. It’s not just about helping them live but allowing them to flourish and succeed in their unique ways.

Image Source Credit via YouTube

Mr. Muggles, with his custom helmet and boundless spirit, continues to spread joy, showing that every life can be lived to the fullest, regardless of the challenges we face.

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