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100-Pound Great Dane Acts as Mama to Special Needs Puppies

“It takes a village to raise a child,” goes the old saying, but in the case of Etta, a 100-pound Great Dane, it seems she’s taken it upon herself to be the village for a group of special needs puppies. Great Danes are known for their gentle and nurturing nature, and Etta exemplifies these traits in the most heartwarming way. Etta’s story began in a household that frequently fostered animals, providing temporary homes for those in need. When a litter … Read more

Anxious Puppy Seeks Warmth With His New Buddies

The video featuring Huxley, Winnie, and Rex poignantly illustrates the deep bonds and intuitive support that can exist between dogs. This heartwarming scenario captures a moment of genuine empathy and assistance among canine friends, showcasing how animals often come to each other’s aid in times of distress, much like humans do. Rex, a large English/French Mastiff mix, clearly benefits from the companionship of his smaller friends, Huxley, the Shih Tzu, and Winnie, the white deaf dog. Despite his size, Rex … Read more

Dog Gets Bitten While Saving His Owner from a Rattlesnake

In a heart-stopping incident in Colorado Springs, a brave dog named Rizzo has captured the hearts of many after heroically saving his owner, Carissa Welch, from a potentially lethal rattlesnake bite. The encounter occurred during a routine hiking trip when the unexpected danger slithered right into their path. What happened next is nothing short of miraculous. Rizzo Took The Bite This happened in a usual Monday morning walk when Carissa recalls the chilling moment when she heard the ominous rattle … Read more

The “Dogfather of Harlem” Is Transforming Dog and Human Lives During Pandemic

The pandemic has forced too many businesses to shut their doors, but one dog groomer has used these challenging times to create change that will far surpass the lasting effects of COVID-19. Meet Brian Taylor. Brian is originally from Sierra Leone in West Africa but he’s been changing the future of Harlem for the last 10 years. When he graduated college, Brian began a career as a business banker. His decision to trade in his briefcase for a grooming table … Read more

Special Cheerleading Team Adds An Awesome Service Dog To Their Roster

Team Zeta is not just your average cheerleading team. This group of young, special needs athletes is gearing up to put on quite the show on the national stage. Coming from Ohio, they’re not just planning on an incredible human performance – they’ve got a surprising twist to their routine. Among them will be Cyclone, a Golden Retriever who accompanies athlete Harrison Chmura. Chmura is non-verbal and having his service dog around keeps him focused. “Otherwise, Harrison has a tough time getting … Read more

Death Row Dog Makes 2,000 Mile Journey To Find Love And A Real Chance At Life

If it weren’t for people like Robert Scheinberg and his organization, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, we might never see dogs like Lucy get a chance at life. Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary have it their goal to rescue the lost and forgotten pets on death row in crowded animal shelters. One such shelter was Miami-Dade, where they found Lucy and over 100 other dogs.   Lucy was scheduled to be humanely euthanized the day the group arrived at Miami-Dada. All of … Read more

Community Members Rush To Foster & Adopt Dogs From Shelter Before It Floods

Rising flood water forced panicked pups to be evacuated from their cages at the local shelter. With no place to go, dozens of people from the South Carolina community rushed over for an emergency adoption. A broken water pipe added to the urgency of the situation so it is really wonderful that there are so many dog lovers in the community who were concerned and cared enough to help those poor pups out! Some volunteered to help put sandbags around … Read more