Community Members Rush To Foster & Adopt Dogs From Shelter Before It Floods

Rising flood water forced panicked pups to be evacuated from their cages at the local shelter. With no place to go, dozens of people from the South Carolina community rushed over for an emergency adoption. A broken water pipe added to the urgency of the situation so it is really wonderful that there are so many dog lovers in the community who were concerned and cared enough to help those poor pups out!

Some volunteered to help put sandbags around the shelter so that flood waters will not further damage the building. Fifty individuals, however, rushed over to temporarily or permanently adopt the dogs housed there.

In the midst of darkness, there is always a silver lining. Such is the case here. What started out as a natural disaster, turned out to be something good for some of the doggies at the shelter because through all this, they found their forever homes. Isn’t that something? 🙂

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