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Dog Missing For 7 Months Gives Owners The Shock Of Their Lives On The Day They Consider Getting Another Dog

Leaving our dogs with pet sitters is always a little bit worrisome and for Carolyn Magin and her husband, Tom Kulczycki, these fears became a reality. Back on June 29, 2016, the day after they left for a vacation, their German Shepherd escaped under the care of a pet sitter. Sasha, their pup, became a bit of a local legend. There were numerous sightings, but never any contact between her and her owners. Days, weeks, and then months went by. It wasn’t … Read more

Special Cheerleading Team Adds An Awesome Service Dog To Their Roster

Team Zeta is not just your average cheerleading team. This group of young, special needs athletes is gearing up to put on quite the show on the national stage. Coming from Ohio, they’re not just planning on an incredible human performance – they’ve got a surprising twist to their routine. Among them will be Cyclone, a Golden Retriever who accompanies athlete Harrison Chmura. Chmura is non-verbal and having his service dog around keeps him focused. “Otherwise, Harrison has a tough time getting … Read more

Irish Wolfhound Gets The New World Record For Longest Tail On A Dog!

Clear the table when Keon comes around, and make sure everything fragile is high out of reach! It’s not that he’s purposefully destructive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Keon is just a happy Irish Wolfhound with a heck of a tail! When recently measured by a veterinarian, it turned out to be a whopping 30.2 inches long from tail base to tip, not including the hair. This landed him in the awesome Guinness Book of World Records, beating the previous … Read more

This Irish Stepdancing Dog Has Seriously Impressive Skills

It’s not every day we see dogs dance, but this particular pup has really stepped up the game. Accompanied by his owner, this awesome Australian Shepherd learns the art of Irish stepdancing. There are all different kinds of Irish stepdances, and this pooch certainly knows how to put on a show. His owner has taught him well and we’re happy to see that he looks like he’s having a good time too. In fact, it’s almost a little embarrassing – … Read more

Security Guards Help Animal Rescue Capture Scared German Shepherd

Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal rescue group based in Los Angeles, CA. When they were notified of a homeless German Shepherd living outside of a medical clinic, they quickly jumped to action to help save the dog. Unfortunately, he was very scared and did not want anything to do with humans at all. He ignored their food and treats, despite how hungry he probably was, and kept running away to hide. The Hope for Paws team was trying … Read more

This 92-Year-Old Veteran And Her Service Dog Are Inseparable

Annabelle Weiss was just 20-years-old when she enlisted in the military. She served two years as a Marine where she worked as a driver and inspected plane engines. She was discharged back in 1946 and worked as a nurse, and now the 92-year-old is still living  life to the fullest with the help of her service dog, Joe. Joe came from America’s VetDogs, an organization that pairs veterans in need with trained service animals. Weiss got him after battling thyroid cancer and … Read more

Dog Demands To Go Into His Favorite Pet Store When They Walk By…Only, It’s Closed!

Samo is an adorable pooch that knows what he wants. In this video, he shows us that he just won’t take “no” for an answer. He even surprised his owner on a recent walk. It was late, around 11:00pm, and she was taking Samo around town for an evening stroll. When they passed his favorite pet store, however, he demanded they go inside. Samo sat right at the entrance refusing to budge an inch. His owner begged and pleaded with … Read more

Rescue Pup Barked For 5 Hours Before Help Came For Her Injured Owner

It seemed like just a regular day for Marie Alexander when she went outside with Sassy, her rescued Chihuahua, to get the mail. The 92-year-old woman rescued Sassy from a shelter and the two have been inseparable since, even with minor tasks like going outside to take the mail. But what most of us would consider a mundane task turned into a life-threatening event for Alexander. While outside, she twisted her ankle and fell behind her fence and bushes where … Read more

Community Members Rush To Foster & Adopt Dogs From Shelter Before It Floods

Rising flood water forced panicked pups to be evacuated from their cages at the local shelter. With no place to go, dozens of people from the South Carolina community rushed over for an emergency adoption. A broken water pipe added to the urgency of the situation so it is really wonderful that there are so many dog lovers in the community who were concerned and cared enough to help those poor pups out! Some volunteered to help put sandbags around … Read more

Couple Refuses To Let Go Of Dogs During Flash Flood & All Get Rescued

The city of Joso, north of Tokyo, Japan, was hit by severe flash flooding after the Kinugawa River burst its banks. Helicopter rescue teams had been rescuing people from rooftops. Two of those rescued was a man who held on tightly to his dog and a woman who was holding on to the puppy. Both refused to let the two dogs go. To me, both are heroes. Watch the harrowing rescue: It is heartwarming to see this Japanese couple save their … Read more

Watch This Dog Get The Best Birthday Surprise Ever!

Maymo is feeling depressed today. He has the birthday blues – it happens to people and apparently, to dogs too! So what can Dad do to cheer him up? Well, Dad has a flash of inspiration, so he starts moving furniture around to make a pit. He gets a box, opens it, and out comes hundreds of different colored balls! Maymo’s in Seventh Heaven with all those balls and he can do anything he wants with them: bite ’em; chew ’em up (with supervision, … Read more

Dog Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Realizes He’s At His Favorite Pet Store

Just like humans get excited on an outing to our favorite store or restaurant, dogs also become very enthusiastic about a trip to the pet store! In the video below, Captain the Pug has just arrived at his favorite place on earth: PetSmart. As his owner reminds him where they are, Captain absolutely LOSES it in the most adorable way possible. Captain was there for Doggy Day Camp, and there’s no doubt he was looking forward to it. When his … Read more

These 2 Cuddling Puppies Will Make Your Heart Explode

Everyone has their go-to way of calming down when things get overwhelming, or decompressing after a long day. But prepare to toss those stress-busters to the side once you see this! Introducing: Tuto and Juj, two puppies who love each other so much that they actually hug each other while cuddling! This video is guaranteed to make you say “aww,” and it’s an instant mood booster… talk about puppy therapy! (We think this should be playing on every TV on … Read more

15-Pound Dog Brawls With Giant Black Bear To Protect Her Family

What an amazing story of bravery! Dogs are arguably the most loyal creatures in the world, whether they’re big or small. And Dachshunds are known for having huge personalities, despite their size – just like the brave little pup in this story. Daisy is a 15 pound Dachshund with the courage of a lion. When her human and big brother were cornered in their garage by a 200 pound black bear, Daisy didn’t hesitate to spring in to action. You’ve got … Read more