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Dog Missing For 7 Months Gives Owners The Shock Of Their Lives On The Day They Consider Getting Another Dog


Leaving our dogs with pet sitters is always a little bit worrisome and for Carolyn Magin and her husband, Tom Kulczycki, these fears became a reality. Back on June 29, 2016, the day after they left for a vacation, their German Shepherd escaped under the care of a pet sitter. Sasha, their pup, became a bit of a local legend. There were numerous sightings, but never any contact between her and her owners. Days, weeks, and then months went by. It wasn’t until January 17, 2017 that Sasha finally saw her family again.

The seven months she was lost in the Sierra wilderness were heart wrenching for Magin and Kulczycki. “I would worry so much when the weather got bad,” Magin told KTVN as she tried to hold back tears. “It just got to the point where, I just hoped she wasn’t suffering. That was my biggest fear.”

When she and her husband were ready to give up, their community fought on and continued the search for the missing dog. Finally, a woman spotted Sasha at a park and contacted Magin right away. Sasha hardly recognized Magin at first because of her poor eyesight, but after kissing her face and rolling over, her tail wag said it all. She’s a little thin, but veterinarians say she will be just fine and Magin reports that Sasha is back home and acts as if she never left.

Timing and fate are amazing things. On the very same day that the couple decided that maybe the time was finally right to adopted a new dog, Sasha appeared at the park. They were reunited with her just one day before her adoptive birthday.

“And there she was, up by the fence,” said Magin. “I knelt down and I just started calling her. I said, ‘Come here Sasha, come here baby girl, come see Momma.’ Sasha circled around and as she got closer, she came up to me and just started to kiss my face and rolled on her back. I couldn’t believe it. I just could not believe it.”

We’re certainly happy to hear this amazing story and glad that Sasha is home, safe and sound.

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