Family Mourns The Death Of Dog Which They Feel Could Have Been Prevented

For one family in Pennsylvania, a routine grooming appointment at a local PetSmart turned into a nightmare. Betty Miller, who lives in Scranton, brought her 12-year-old Bichon named Brewster to the pet store chain and dropped him off to get groomed. Soon after, she received a phone call that would change her life forever.   She was told that her beloved pup had been attacked by another big dog, and he was at the Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center. According to … Read more

JUST RELEASED: 100 Of The Worst Puppy Mills In The United States

Warning: Some of the images below are difficult to look at. You don’t need to tell an animal lover that puppy mills are horrific. They’re virtual torture chambers filled with cramped cages, filth, starvation, and disease. That’s why advocates are adamantly against purchasing from pet stores and online; these “puppy mill” dogs often make up their supply. Shelters, rescues, and even reputable breeders are the only way to go when it comes to adding a furry friend to the family.;~;g1FLuIBviCnD7hRunTkF3kNDaK6IWdhZqv74l6Q9iAZyksgFw4WqJZ~_m94CQbkC0NDRCs~-.bps.a.1453223301364625.1073741853.211466995540268/1453224144697874/?type=3&theater   … Read more

Dog Missing For 7 Months Gives Owners The Shock Of Their Lives On The Day They Consider Getting Another Dog

Leaving our dogs with pet sitters is always a little bit worrisome and for Carolyn Magin and her husband, Tom Kulczycki, these fears became a reality. Back on June 29, 2016, the day after they left for a vacation, their German Shepherd escaped under the care of a pet sitter. Sasha, their pup, became a bit of a local legend. There were numerous sightings, but never any contact between her and her owners. Days, weeks, and then months went by. It wasn’t … Read more

Family Upset After Postal Worker Uses “Dog Repellant” Spray On Their Dog

It was just a regular day when Victoria Alexander let her two-year-old Boxer, Bumper, out into the front yard. The yard is completely fenced, so she didn’t think Bumper was at risk for any injury. Unfortunately, she was surprisingly mistaken. A postal worker walked up to the fenced yard and Bumper started barking, as many dogs do when a stranger comes near their home. But what happened next is what shocked Alexander. The postal worker walked back to his truck, pulled … Read more

Meet The First Proven Set Of Identical Twin Puppies

When an Irish Wolfhound became distressed during labor, her owner took her to a veterinarian for a C-section. This is a fairly normal practice, but Dr. Kurt de Cramer was in for a surprise. For the first time ever in his practice, he found two of the five puppies attached by an umbilical cord to the same placenta. Normally, each puppy has its own placenta, so seeing these two share one was cause for excitement. To make sure what he thought … Read more

Cops Investigate A Car Filled With Dogs…But They Weren’t Expecting This!

(Note: When driving with dogs, they should always be secured in a safe area or with a doggy seatbelt, both to avoid driver distraction and to prevent injury in the event of a sudden stop or collision.) In Independence, Missouri, a passerby was understandably concerned when they saw a car packed with dogs–20, to be exact! Because of the unusual call, police were dispatched along with animal control to investigate, according to ABC 7. But when they got to the car, they discovered the truth: … Read more