Cops Investigate A Car Filled With Dogs…But They Weren’t Expecting This!

(Note: When driving with dogs, they should always be secured in a safe area or with a doggy seatbelt, both to avoid driver distraction and to prevent injury in the event of a sudden stop or collision.)

In Independence, Missouri, a passerby was understandably concerned when they saw a car packed with dogs–20, to be exact!

Because of the unusual call, police were dispatched along with animal control to investigate, according to ABC 7. But when they got to the car, they discovered the truth: the dogs were all rescues, headed to a dog show!

The Independence Police Department’s Facebook page posted about the incident:

Yes, this really happened today! Each day is different for a police officer but this definitely doesn’t happen very often.

Officers were dispatched to 23rd and Harris to assist Animal Control on an unusual call. Someone thought it was suspicious when they saw about 20 dogs in a car. It turned out that these rescue dogs were all well taken care of and just on their way to a dog show. They are all trained and apparently have their own special talents. Some of the little ones are still in training and only know how to give kisses.

Officers were relieved to see that the call was just a misunderstanding, and the dogs were all in perfect health. And of course, they couldn’t leave the scene without snapping a few photos with the talented troop, first!

In this news clip by USA Today, the reporter mentions that she’s surprised that there’s no law against distracted driving, as 20 dogs in a car must be somewhat of a distraction!

Watch the news clip by USA Today:

I can’t believe they all stood so patiently for the group photos! Can you imagine a better-behaved carful of canines?

(h/t: ABC 7)

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