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Dog Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Realizes He’s At His Favorite Pet Store

Just like humans get excited on an outing to our favorite store or restaurant, dogs also become very enthusiastic about a trip to the pet store!

In the video below, Captain the Pug has just arrived at his favorite place on earth: PetSmart.

As his owner reminds him where they are, Captain absolutely LOSES it in the most adorable way possible. Captain was there for Doggy Day Camp, and there’s no doubt he was looking forward to it.

When his owner asks “You wanna go play with your friends at PetSmart!?” Captain can barely contain his excitement, squealing with joy and frantically pulling his human toward the action.

Such an enthusiastic cutie pie:

How hilarious and adorable is Captain!? How does your dog react when they’re en route to a pet store or doggie play date? Share your thoughts below!

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