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Watch This Dog Get The Best Birthday Surprise Ever!

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on August 3, 2015

Maymo is feeling depressed today. He has the birthday blues – it happens to people and apparently, to dogs too! So what can Dad do to cheer him up?

Well, Dad has a flash of inspiration, so he starts moving furniture around to make a pit. He gets a box, opens it, and out comes hundreds of different colored balls! Maymo’s in Seventh Heaven with all those balls and he can do anything he wants with them: bite ’em; chew ’em up (with supervision, of course); jump on ’em; lie down on ’em…

Watch all the fun he has in his new ball pit:

What a wonderful birthday surprise for Maymo! Such a simple gesture from Dad made this Beagle so happy.

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