Man Saved Bald Dog While 4-Wheeling, Sees Her 1-Year Later And Won’t Hold Back

Recently, Matt Bentley found himself in an invasive situation. After catching wind of a dog trap call, he went out looking for the dog with the hope of setting it free. When he found her running on a deserted trail in Salt Flats, he realized just how dire the situation was—she was weak from hunger and nearly hairless from scraping against rough rocks for refuge from dust storms.


Image Source: The Dodo YouTube Video


When Matt drove her to the Utah Animal Adoption Center, he pleaded with them to take her. They quickly agreed. This poor dog needed extensive medical treatment. Quickly, a woman named Jamie heard about the “doggy warrior” and wanted to donate money to help the dog through the rough road ahead. Jamie also gave the sweet dog a name: Kelly.


Image Source: The Dodo YouTube Video


Kelly was so friendly. Upon meeting Jamie for the first time, she came right up to Jamie, wagging her tail and wanting to be pet. The instant bond Jamie felt was evident! Despite the pain she must have been in and whatever past trauma she was working through, Kelly made the best of it and put forth a positive attitude for everyone’s sake.


Image Source: The Dodo YouTube Video


Even with a fighting attitude, Kelly’s recovery seemed slow. It was >> Click here to read more >>

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